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1996 3258 vs 2000 3055-gctid806048

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  • Ruffryder
    The larger will be a lot slower...

    Since 3258 is longer & heavier, she's a 30 MPH WOT boat,

    3055 twin 5.7 250 HP would do low 40MPH WOT.

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    Guest started a topic 1996 3258 vs 2000 3055-gctid806048

    1996 3258 vs 2000 3055-gctid806048

    Hello, I am comparing these two boats for about the same price. I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions. Both need mechanical work and I will likely be repowering. I've repowered 2 boats I've owned so far, so I'm not concerned that I can't do the work. Both have the same dual 350 Merc B2 package.

    1. Does the 2000 3055 have fiberglass or wood stringers? The hull specs seem to be the same for these boats, my research shows the 1996 3258 has wood, which scares me greatly.

    2. Performance, obviously the larger will be slightly slower, but are there any other factors?

    3. Resale, which boat will have higher resale value?

    Any other opinions are appreciated.

    Thank you!