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    Bayliner 1993 trophy-gctid805803

    Have a couple questions. Just purchased a 1993 bayliner trophy has 2 two stroke Mercury 175. The last owner said I don't have to mix the oil and gas just put straight gas in the tank.that the boat does it itself is there a button I have to press for that ? And if I do what button is it ? And what button do I press to so the water that is on the sides to come out.

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    The merc 175 probably has an external oil reservoir that needs to be topped off with the proper oil (marine 2 stroke oil) Some OB's have the oil reservoir under the bonnet (engine cover) No buttons should need to be pressed. Can't help with the water in the fish well thing, if that's what your referring to.

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      You don't have to press anything for your oil injected system.

      There will be an oil reservoir tank in one of the 2 doors in the transom compartment where your batteries are.

      Keep this tank full of good quality 2 stroke oil. You also want to make sure that the cap is kept very tight as the oil pump works on pressure.

      Water in the fish wells are something you're going to have to live with this boat as it is a known issue.

      There will be a fishwell button on the helm that will pump out the water. You need to plug one fishwell drain with a stopper while you do a pump out. Then switch the stopper while you do the other side.

      Don't be surprised if the fishwell pump is not functioning on your boat due to its age.

      I use a drill pump on my Trophy. Just attach it to a cordless drill and it's way faster than the built in pump. Costs maybe $10.


        Electric choke? Then see if the iginition has the push for choke.
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