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    Bayliner 190DB OB w/Merc 150 - Over propped?-gctid805437

    Just took delivery of a 2016 Bayliner 190DB w/a 150 Merc Four Stroke OB. Wife and I love the layout and amenities of the boat. It's my first non-fishing boat, and we bought it to be able to access the lake we moved onto last September (Lake Mendota, in Madison, WI).

    I've been shaking it down the last few days, and last night I set out to really feel out the engine and trim. I only had maybe 400lbs of weight in it (me, dog, gas, anchors) beyond the bare hull. We had about a 12mph south wind.

    I opened her up, and started playing with the trim. Ran against teh wind, and with the wind.

    With the wind, best speed was 48mph @ 5200 RPM, trimmed up to just under a quarter. Any higher and I ventilated the prop (not fun at full speed!), and lower and RPMs and speed fell. The wake was essentially at the rear of the boat, maybe 1-2' ahead of the transom.

    Against the wind, I couldn't do any better than 44mph, and that was at a slightly lower trim, but I couldn't hold it long as it was too rough, and I had to trim down almost fully to keep things sane.

    Sunday, I was out with 6 people in the boat, and I couldn't get about 4600 rpm and 42mph, and couldn't trim up much without venting. To me, that was a pretty good speed given the weight, but the RPM seemed low.

    My take away from all this, based on Mercury specifying a WOT of 5000-5800 is that the boat is slightly over propped. I can't understand why Bayliner would do that, since the use case for most of these boats is family-focused. I'd think if anything they'd underprop it to make sure you can get on plane when heavy or pulling people (which I'd think you'd find yourself doing often in a deck boat).

    I ask this because I'm planning on getting a stainless prop, relatively soon. Mendota is a big lake, and I don't want to deal with getting stranded if I have a prop issue, so a spare is mandatory, imo. If I'm going spend $500+ on a prop, I'd like to make damn sure it's sized for the engine.

    Also, I don't know the current prop size and pitch. I emailed Bayliner, they redirected that to my dealer, and the dealer didn't know and told me to look, which is fine except I forgot to look last night.

    Anyone else see something similar with their 'liner?


    I seem to have the exact same numbers a issues with my 2016 215 DB 4.3 A1G2. Everything you described is the same. My prop is a 14.5 x 19P 3 blade. I plan to change it to a 4 blade prop and add trim tabs. I just don't what size prop to get.
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      Dowg ...

      When you want to go to a 4 blade, you loose 100-200 rpm for the extra blade, so you will want a 17 pitch.

      Same for waubers, look at the prop see what it says, post the numbers here.

      Take a peek:

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        Had the same problem with my VR5 (200 HP 4.5L A1). The boat came with a 23 pitch prop. Great top end but struggled to get on plane with a full load. Was notified by Bayliner of the potential of wrong prop. Long story short - 23 pitch was replaced by 19 pitch. Much better overall

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          Weather was crappy tonight so I couldn't get a pic of the boat on plane and where the cavitation plate was at.

          But I did get a size: 14.25D x 21P

          It's a Merc Black Max prop, 3 blades.


            An update after a month of use.

            Definitely over propped. Cavitation plate is right where it ought to be. Something I've noticed is that this prop ventilates incredibly easy. At WOT, if I turn more than a few degrees and am not trimmed full down, it'll vent. If I go above 2500 rpm w/o being trimmed down 7/8th, it'll vent. I also get the sense from a call w/the dealer that they don't necessarily get props w/the boats when they take delivery. He made it sound like they fit a prop at the dealership, so who knows what they had laying around.

            Lastly, I got stopped by the sheriff this weekend because my slow-no-wake was too fast, which I've felt to be the case too. GPS speedo has me idling at 2.2mph @ 600rpm. Docking this boat has been a PITA, as it's super difficult to control at low speeds. Really stable at WOT, but yeah, at

            Given all this, the engine is a beast, clearly and probably the thing I like the best on the boat. I'm okay with the boat in general right now, but I'm noticing some fit and finish things that are not wowing me, but given the budget-ish price point on this boat, it's still pretty solid.


              Same situation here 14.25. 21 pitch anyone try something new to report and or cavitation plate or both .... help please


                Just got a prop from merc 19 pitch 4 blade . The boat is sooooo much better . Do it . You wount regret it