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    Launch Day-gctid804945

    Last summer the port transmission on my Carver seized up. I looked around at many places but only a few were willing to tackle the job. Humbug Marina and Mike one of the mechanics there said, "Bring your boat here and we will take care of your problem.

    Mike came highly recommended. In November I brought my boat to Humbug. They pulled the boat, powerwashed, changed the engine oil, winterized my engines and A/C system.

    In mid February they pulled my boat inside and Mike went to work on the transmission. In October when I first spoke with him I told him the symptoms my transmission had. It was stuck in forward and based on my description of the symptoms he said fused clutches. When he got it apart his diagnosis was right on.

    The transmission was rebuilt but it was mid winter so there would be no sea trial until spring. Fast forward to April. I called to make an appointment to launch April 13th. There was a minor setback and the launch was cancelled. The port engine would not crank over. They said no problem we will correct the issue.

    A few days pass and I get a call that my engine problem has been corrected. They had to set the settings on the neutral switch. I drove to the boat and checked it out and the port engine cranked like it should.

    Forward to Saturday April 22nd my new launch day. I arrive at the boat hanging in the slings ready to go into the water. But before they put me in the water Greg the mechanic wants to go over the engine and transmissions. He checks and tightens all the hoses. Then we fire up the port engine and there is a water leak. Turns out a hose had a hole in it so it was replaced. Then Greg had me shift both transmissions back and forth from forward to reverse so the fluid can be run through them both. He had to add a bit of fluid to both transmissions after they were cycled to bring them up to full.

    He spent about an hour and twenty minutes going over everything to make sure all was well. I really appreciate all the time he took just to make sure my boat was ready to launch. He could have just lowered me into the water and sent me on my way. Instead he took the time to make sure the boat was seaworthy prior to launching.

    So, I want to give cudos to Mike, Greg, Sue, Dave and Kristen for a job well done. Each and every one of them never failed to take the time to answer all my concerns. I had a first rate experience at Humbug Marina and I wanted to share that fact. Thanks to all at Humbug for a job well done.

    I am in the water at my new slip ready for the season to begin. Took a short shakedown cruise today just to check everything out. The mechanic said to break in the new transmission. No WOT for the first 6 hours and not to exceed 3200 RPM for that period of time. My general cruising setting is 3100 so not a problem.

    Glad to be back in the water.
    Rick Grew

    2022 Tahoe T-16

    2004 Past Commodore
    West River Yacht & Cruising Club

    ^5 Rick! Nice when a good plan comes together.
    "B on D C", is a 1989 2459 Trophy Offshore HT, OMC 5.7L, Cobra OD, Yamaha 15hp kicker. Lots of toys! I'm no mechanic, just a blue water sailer and woodworker who loves deep sea fishing.
    MMSI: 367637220
    TDI tech diver
    BoD Puget Sound Anglers North Olympic Peninsula Chapter