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  • accelerator pump???-gctid804835

    Fired my boat up the other day on the hose...Launching next weekend and I have a problem...It's running great but when I go to give it gas it dies out....If I accelerate real slow or pump the throttle quickly it will get going and hold whatever RPM I go to...Seems to be more of a problem at low RPM. I changed the water seperater but not that little filter in the carb yet...Does this sound like a gummed up accelerator pump?

    In a panic this morning I one click ordered a new carb on the Amazon...Because it was $260 and a rebuild would probably cost me half that...Do we think the new carb will solve this? arrives Tuesday...Also, it's a Merc 350 with 2 barrel carb.

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    Mainly because of time. Traveling all week for work and it's quicker to just slap a new carb on given that it's cheap enough. My haul is already scheduled and won't be able to get a new appointment for a while


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      Does sound like the accelerator pump. With the engine off look down the throat of the carb while someone works the throttle forward. You Sould see a good solid spray of fuel being delivered.
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        I've never remove the carburetor before. Is it just the bolts on the bottom and the fuel line and the wire for the electric choke. Simple? Then a new gasket when I put the new one on?