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    Trailer problem...-gctid347647

    Well I just got extremelly lucky that a 2655 came in a amazing price and survey was just made last year.....and I am going to see and possible pay....but infortunally no trailer....

    The only problem is I dont know if my trailer will carry that..... As far as I was told I should measure from the loop all the way to the transon.... 21.5 feet on the boat and my trailler is 20 and some change.....from the bumper to the crank..... The trip is short. My boat gonna be in blocks. In the mean time.....after I bring home I can look for a proper trailer for that boat with time.......

    My trailer is a eagle dual axel surge breaks cant find a model number....I was told when I bought that can carry from 20-26.....anybody can give me more info?

    I know the picture sucks.....but I hope can help something.....

    you will need a different trailer ...



      on the picture is my little 21 do you think my trailer will take a 2655?

      I am getting relieved


        just get the proper trailer it will cost as much as the boat ,but you will be SAFE jerry


          tks so much for the info.....


            you will need a bigger trailer ,thought you were just pulling it home ..


              How much weight can the trailer carry? How much does the boat weigh? This is a starting point. Please don't feel comfortable with the opinion you have thus far...
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                Does the trailer have brakes? If so, one axle or 2? If it does not have brakes I would not move a boat the size of a 2655 on it. What weight (as Jeff stated) is the trailer rated for? The boat alone is about 5100 lbs. I would not be surprised with gear, fuel etc that you could be at 7,000 lbs. Are you going to be selling your current rig?
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                  Very rarely will anyone use a larger-than-need-be-trailer under a little 21 capri boat. No need to if that's the boat the trailer will be hauling.

                  From the photo of the Capri on this trailer, I'd have to say NO.... much too small.

                  Look at where the winch tower is, look at the frame rails, and look at how the 21 foot Capri sits on it.

                  It's also likely a coupler for the 2" ball.... not the 2 - 5/16".

                  As a general rule, the wheel lug number will suggest the spindle/hub and bearing size, and will generally influence the spring capacity and frame capacity.

                  5 lug hubs will generally use much smaller wheel bearings, hubs and spindles than 6 lug will, for example.

                  Brake size generally goes hand in hand with this also.

                  Point being, if this trailer has 5 lug hubs/spindles/bearings, a coupler for the 2" ball, etc., you may want to show it to a local shop and ask for their opinion.

                  Or, find the model # of this trailer, and see if the manufacturer can help you out.

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                    that's the part that sucks around here. Everybody is so afraid of getting sued that nobody wants to say much.

                    I tried to find the id plates on the trailer but they are long gone.

                    yes the trailer has brakes both axel

                    yes both the trailer and the capri are going to be sold after.

                    the new boat gonna get a new trailer I am serious thinking to get a 3 axel for that boat but because the guy is in such a rush to take that boat out of there that I was going to use my trailer ....and belive me I am not very excited to put my capri in's like pulling teeth for me....

                    I even called a few friends and a BOC buddy lol.....

                    Let's see I am about to leave to go to see the boat and hopefully the answer for my problems will be presented in the way there lol...... A little bit of faith never hearts right???? lol.....


                      I'll go out on a limb and give advice: don't do it.

                      Lets look at this logically;

                      The trailer has 5 bolt rims, which means that axles are rated at 3500 (max) and 7K total. Subtract out 1000 for the trailer itself, and you now have 6000.

                      My 2452, a 24' boat, weighed in at 6600 when I had it weight at a certified state scale. So, my estimate of the 26 is over 7K#, maybe by a little bit, but over. Boat weights are almost always heavier than the manufacturers published specs.

                      Then, theres the trailer length. The boat is 26'. The trailer's length would have a lot of boat sticking out the back of the trailer. This is where the boat is heaviest, because of the motor, drive and all tanks are there. You ealy don't need much sticking out to be very heavy. The weight being stern heavy, its trying to lift the rear of the tow vehicle. very dangerous.

                      Go borrow beg, or rent a proper trailer. It's not worth the potential disaster.

                      The biggest problem is liability if something happens, and its determined that you are overweight for that trailer. The other guys lawyer would have an easy case.

                      However, what do I know?
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                        captharv wrote:
                        ............... Go borrow beg, or rent a proper trailer. It's not worth the potential disaster.

                        The biggest problem is liability if something happens, and its determined that you are overweight for that trailer. The other guys lawyer would have an easy case.
                        Yep! It's not worth the risk.

                        Add to this that you may damage the trailer so that it won't work for the Capri without being repaired.

                        Then you'd be wishing that you'd have rented one for the day!

                        Rick E. Gresham, Oregon
                        2850 Bounty Sedan Flybridge model
                        Twin 280 HP 5.7's w/ Closed Cooling
                        Volvo Penta DuoProp Drives
                        Kohler 4 CZ Gen Set


                          Is the boat in the water? Can you have the marina put it on blocks for now?


                            well I tried to find a place to rent one....

                            the only place had a trailer for my boat....asked me 5K way above what I believe is worth it.....

                            but I not even make it to see the boat....

                            left the house.....parked in front the bank to get the cash for the boat..... my wife jumps out of the truck slips in the ice and falls very hard .... after that it's rush to the doctor.....x-ray...and etc.....she is ok now but she gonna be in vacation for a couple days.....tomorrow is the day to check the boat....


                              DO NOT USE THAT TRAILER! With no disrespect intended, the people here encouraging you to use it are asking you to take a very unreasonable risk! That trailer (if intended for the Capri) most likely has axles rated for 3500 lbs or less each. That's 7000 lbs or less for the entire trailer loaded! The 26 footer is going to weigh 7000 lbs in itself! The trailer also most likely has class C tires if it is used for a Capri. Class C tires are not rated to properly handle that type of load. Also, consider the uneven weight distribution. The engine and drive comprise a significant amount of the weight of the entire boat, and both are located on the stern. The axles will act as the center of a see saw, and the heavily weighted stern will bring the tongue up, and possibly cause you to lose control by taking weight off the rear of your tow vehicle.


                              You consider a properly equipped and rated $5000 trailer to be overpriced? It is a bargain compared to what you will be facing if you find yourself or someone else injured because you tried to save a few bucks.