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Happy 4th from Bainbridge Island!-gctid397167

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    Happy 4th from Bainbridge Island!-gctid397167

    Our view for tonights fireworks shows:

    Same to you Pete... just heading out for our show... weather just barely cooperated.

    Everyone have a great time and stay safe tonight!


      We went up Tuesday to the North East Maryland (top end of the North East River off of the northern Chesapeake) for fireworks. You can anchor 300' from the barge, we opted for 1000' since cleaning copper compounds off the stern of the boat is a pain.

      But at a 1000' feet you still get the "chest whump" as each shell goes off. A great show, lots of singles, lots of combos, a nice planned finale (vs blow up $30,000 of loads in 5 seconds)

      We stayed the night. At midnight the front came in with the danger of rain, rain that did not show up until 8AM. Nothing like a warm rain and cold Bloody Mary's with extra crab to start the morning off.

      Omelets at 9, naps at 10, lunch at noon and then a nice ride following the tide to home. I'm always impressed at the 2.3 knot tides and how they help/hinder travel. Both days we were with the tide, so the push from mother nature saved me 6 gal of fuel.

      For 1st or 4th July fireworks, one of my favorites! Hope all of your celebrations were good.
      Yep, my 4588 Bayliner IS my happy place :whistle: