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Dashboard ventilation??? Suggestions please-gctid397145

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    Dashboard ventilation??? Suggestions please-gctid397145

    I recently (4-6 weeks ago) installed a new Fusion IP600 stereo head unit in my 2009 185BR. She sounds sweet with the stock speakers and one extra pair that I had installed before. Fast forward to present day (high temps outside), and I have developed problems with the unit getting too hot and not responding. The unit is sealed for water resistance and I guess the sun shining on the dash right above it does not help. The volume knob won't work, stations won't change, it would not turn off once (had to kill it with the accessory switch that it is hooked to). Once temps go down it works again.

    The IPod inside gets really hot to the touch.

    Sooooo, how would one add ventilation to a dashboard like this? The guages are molded in like an automobile, with rounded vinyl and such.

    I use a couple of 12v computer fans to defrost my windows and they work great. They are a very low power draw at .4 amp ea. I imagine if you were to use these as cooling fans they would work well; they do on computers.


      There are a ton of options for 12v fans to help with cooling the dash or the water proof box for the stereo. here is a low noise option at 120mm. there are 80mm options as well.

      Buy Corsair Air Series AF120 120mm Quiet Edition High Airflow Case Fan Single Pack(CO-9050001-WW) with fast shipping and top-rated customer service. Once you know, you Newegg!

      If your stereo has a remote power lead for a sub that is not used you could wire in a relay to switch on the fan only when the the stereo is powered on. I can show you how if you need. Just message me.


        If you have a place to mount a fan under the dash to draw air up and into the dash that would get air in and not allow water to enter.
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