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    how many liters is the full tank on the 2355 Ciera?


      The way i see it, if your fat m-i-l is onboard and you can't plane throw her overboard, keep throwing off the in-laws till you can plane.

      But do not, i repeat, do not throw overboard any beer.
      Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man !

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        "ishiboo" post=397130 wrote:

        Not in Europe.

        Here in Denmark , All boats imported into the country after 1998 or manufactured thereafter have to have or be CE certified and a metal plate on the boat carrying important safety information amongst which is the total number of people capacity and total weight including luggage capacity. I will guess this law is the same for most other countries of the European Union.

        My boat was ordered directly from Bayliner in 2006 and it was CE certified by the company itself as prerequisite for an import permit.


          "D Ambrosi" post=661396 wrote:
          how many liters is the full tank on the 2355 Ciera?
          50 gals. or 50 x3.78 = 189 litres.


            The C G formula is based on not under way stability. They simulate people with sandbags and rock the boat side to side and for and aft.

            That said, the stability under way in more than a 1-2' sea is something else. As said above, forget planing the boat. Moreover, how many can you supervise and operate the boat safely at the same time. I draw the line at 4 in my boat. just because it will seat 16 does not mean it will perform with 16....

            I am a retired electronic engineering technologist. I was in the CG auxiliary doing both operations and teaching boating safety, and also hold a 50 ton near coastal master. By virtue of you asking this question, I would say you are relatively new to boating. This is not a put-down, because you have a legitimate question you want answered. However, a 26' boat with 6 people on board in 2-3' seas requires some education and experience to handle, and this is no place for on-the-job training, as an error could be very disastrous.

            Even though the formula is something like 12-14 for your boat, I would NOT put that many on board unless you were securely tied to a dock and had no plans to get underway.

            I may sound a bit harsh, but this is coming from someone who spent time looking for missing boats (and boaters). Be safe.
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