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    3888 Repower Ideas-gctid802835

    Hi Folks. I really like my old 1989 3888 and I am considering repowering with new 4 or 6 cylinder naturally aspirated diesels. Can anyone give me some suggestions ? Thanks, Jim

    EH700 Hinos is what I would go with. Hands down one of the most reliable,efficient easy to work on diesels ever.

    Aside from that, there are not very many naturals that are going to be a suitable power plant. If had had to repower, and could not find or rebuild my Hinos, I would probably go with the the old school 12 valve 5.9 cummins.

    This also depends on how fast (or slow) you want to go. A 4cyl natural is going to get you hull speed, and that's it.
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      What's driving her now?
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        I like my Hino 175's that are NA but if I was repowering with no concern about costs I would probably go with a pair of reman B-series Cummins in a 250-300hp trim. If trying to do a budget build you are going to be looking for a matched pair of anything that you have confidence in mechanically and will package in the boat.

        I like my boat but there is no chance I would spend the time and effort to repower it and it is financially foolish to hire it out - for that sort of $$ you are way ahead to just find another boat. On a good day with everything perfect in the right market (PNW) you might get $65K more realistic is $55K and down from there very quickly if you don't have all the gadgets or need to redo anything like canvas or cushions.

        With nothing else but swapping engines you are at least 100 hours of time - that alone is $12000+ and you haven't even bought the engines yet. Take your $40K or so tack that onto your boats market value today and go shopping - you have a lot of options at that point.
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          I would not repower with engines that are no longer in production, like E700 Hinos. I would go with current, state of the art engines.
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            I think you would have to ask yourself how long you want to keep the boat and what use it will get. The peace of mind might be worth it. The problem will be finding new naturally aspirated diesels that will provide at least as much power as the Hino's 175 HP. Even Bayliner eventually went with turbo engines in later 3888's, bumping the power to 210 HP. New engines will have to be be Tier 3 compliant, I would think any new one would have to be Turbo'd.

            If you're re-powering from gas engines to diesel, there are other issues to consider.

            More info on your 3888 would help glean more information from the forum.

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              With the design of the EH700's you may have, if it's a diesel boat, doing an in the boat rebuild is a very good option IMO. Some careful shopping for parts, like piston/rod/cylinder assemblies on the truck side may be an option if they are truly the same parts. Same with the cylinder head, crank, fresh water pump, oil pump, etc. The EH700 is an industrial engine that was marinized by adding things like a raw water pump and the Manicooler assembly. Earl, the Bayliner Guru, could give you an absolute definition of what parts are different and why, but it's probably less than one would think.
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                I had the mitsubshi 130 hp in my 3870 repower d with yanmar BY260 if you whant more info give me a call


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