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    Water Spots on Windows-gctid802480

    Does anyone have a secret formula for getting water spots off of windows? I have tried CLR, white vinegar, baking soda and awesome cleaner with minimal success.

    Thank you.
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    Try rubbing alcohol.
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      I have used the glass stove top cleaner with good results.
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        3M super duty rubbing compound.

        Use a buffing wheel for best results.
        1999 4788


          Here is a link to five methods.

          I also have heard of using 0000 steel wool.

          I am going to be trying this too.
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            BIO-CLEAN, I use nothing else. It works perfectly. It is sold at janitorial supply stores only....or Amazon. I use a small buffer and take my time and get perfect results.


              "cosmo777" post=802501 wrote:
              3M super duty rubbing compound.

              Use a buffing wheel for best results.
              That is the way many a new car dealership gets water spots off the windows according to a detailer from a Chrysler lot. Meguiar's heavy duty rubbing compound list that as one of the uses on the front label. It works great. I have been using it on our 3270.

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                  Try something "like" rainex.....I work for a chemical manufacturer and we make an aerosol product that I does not contain any wax. Something with a polymer will work. Even work on boat cover plastic windows. Just be sure to not over apply and do not let dry on surface by itself....wipe it dry with a sof towel. Spray on, wipe off...nothing sticks to it, water, dirt, road salt, bugs etc. doesn't breakdown like wax does...we don't sell to General Public but you may have a rep in your area tha can sell to you business directly....we are world wide and based in Texas.

                  Name of company: Chemsearch

                  Name of product: AR-19

                  Use it everywhere....shower stalls, exterior home windows, inside windows, mirrors, countertops, cars, boats, great in motorcycles and all the tiny detail work as it leaves no residue or "chalk"

                  Sorry for the "advertisement " I usually don't do that, but it is a GREAT product regardless.
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