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Water leak Bayliner 3288 1991-gctid802074

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    Water leak Bayliner 3288 1991-gctid802074

    Hi there, recently purchased a 1991 3288. I have found 2 small water leaks. One is by the rear door to the salon starboard side, small drip. The weirdest one is in the forward berth, right around the storage locker.The storage locker looks fine from outside. I did not notice any leaks before purchasing but noticed that they had a small tarp covering the windlass. The weird part is it seems dry around the chain locker and if the leak was caused by the windlass then I would expect it to be wet there. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    You might have to peel off the monkey fur to find the actual source. Had the same problem and it turned out to be the foot switch.

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      Salon leak inside or out? Regardless, probably the caulking under the drip molding needs re-doing. Lots of info on this site from others doing the same thing, use 3M 4200 or butyl tape - both seem to work.

      Forward leak probably the drain hose from the exterior anchor locker. Make sure you drain the locker manually before you pull the hose off below (don't ask me how I know this) - remove the fitting from the deck locker, clean it (and the area( with rubbing alcohol , re-bed the fitting in 4200 but don't tighten the under-nut down fully for at least 48 hrs - then only snug it another 1/4 turn - if that. This will allow you to add some "compression sealing" and the caulking will function as a gasket as well as a sealant.
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        +1 to the above.

        Rebedding of things such as the windlass should be done once in a while anyway, and are the sources of many leaks, many of which go un-noticed until you find your foredeck soft and rotten.
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