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    Parts suppliers for older Bayliners-gctid801988

    Ok I'm looking for "older" I just picked up a 1971 I believe 16' cascade and I'm looking for any owner info and a couple of "simple" things. I have the vinyl name plates on the side that are still flexible but the corners are starting to crack and I don't want to lose these. Also the previous owner ran the cables through the rear transom and now the "circular protective rings" are cracked and half missing. I would love you get a new capacity plate as well. I checked on bayliner but even they only go back to 1974....ugg. I hope someone here will be able to help me out. Thanks

    I feel your pain. Same issue with my 90. Model- specific stuff is very rare. I'll have fingers crossed you'll "luck up" on here. There's a wealth if research info and these guys know stuff about boats that continues to amaze me. You may want to look into having a engraving/ trophy company duplicate the data plate. For the BAYLINER medallion you could remove the rivets and fill the holes and go back with vinyl reproductions. Or cut a replacement piece of plastic of similar color and thickness and again have a company reproduce the black portion. I've dealt with Island Boat Lettering and they can work wonders in vinyl

    Neither option.... finding OEM or similar for boats isn't like classic cars where if you scour eBay long enough you'll find them but there are a wealth of vendors that sell on there that will give you search options. Creating reproduction vinyl isn't cheap but probably a more attainable goal than getting exact replacements. The data plate..... That I think would be a more affordable project. You can measure the cable outside diameters and inside diameters of the holes and probably find replacements through marine auto or home improvement retailers. Good luck and keep us posted on your luck/progress
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