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Help fix 305 teak swim platform-gctid801031

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    Help fix 305 teak swim platform-gctid801031

    Finally got the chance to get onto the new boat today

    The boat has teak floors and a teak swim platform

    The teak on the deck looks fine but it looks like one of the old owners has tried to varnish the swim platform

    As you can see from the photo they have done a terrible job

    Would it be best to try sand this stuff off or use a paint stripper ???

    Appreciate your help.


    Ugh. You'll probably need to do both especially if they did try to varnish it. The stripper will make it easier but you'll also have to sand it as well. Teak always seems like a good idea until you have to take care of it.
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      in need of some elbow grease but underneath I see a beautiful piece of wood.....good luck
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        Heat gun and putty knife might work where the stuff is on thick.

        Otherwise knee pads and a belt sander.

        And if you sand wear a dust mask. Teak has nasty stuff in it. I didn't wear a mask when I did mine and coughed/scratchy throat for a few days.
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          Nice boat! Haven't seen that hull color on a 305...

          Rip it all out, lay down new synthetic stuff.
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            We have a Teak swim platform on our Carver that's in worse shape than yours. I'm going to remove it and pressure wash it first. Then sand and I may cover it with System 3 epoxy. I did this to the Teak swim platform on our 28' Irwin. I used 7 coats of Behr Hi-gloss spar varnish for the final finish coat. You can't get Behr spar varnish anymore so I'll probably use Totalboat's Gloss Lust. So if you can remove it you might consider pressure washing it first. Jim
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