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    Well, it seems I have a major problem with my boat. I have an 89 1750 that has been a very good boat for me but it may be done. I bought the boat in 2006 for pretty cheap as an experiment to see if we liked boating and we did. I have been wanting a newer and bigger one but I came down on orders for Germany (Army) in 2008 so I figured I'd keep it until I moved back to the States. I haven't run it much over the past few years but I am in the States now and we took it to Destin this past week. Once the festivities with Debby were over we took it out but only once. It seems I have a crack in the hull and I am getting alot of water in the aft portion of the boat on the port side. At first I thought I may have run over a log or stump at some point but the more I look at it the more I think this damage goes back to 2008. We were living in CA at the time and one friday afternoon we were on our way to the lake and I had a blow-out on my left rear trailer tire. It destroyed the rim and bent the fender real bad. The crack in the hull is behind the trailer fender directly over the axle and is hard to see if you are not looking for it. I figure it started out very small and eventually grew.

    I didn't run the boat in 2009 so I never saw any water in the boat until 2010 when we took it out here in MS. I was on leave for 34 days after a deployment to Afghanistan and we ran it alot that month. At first I thought my cooler was leaking because that is where I normally keep it. There would be just a small amount of water on the carpet but it got progressively worse, and I knew it wasn't the cooler. I didn't run it at all last year but this year when I had it serviced I asked them to see if they could find the leak and fix it. I have a teak swim platform that has been added and they told me that one of the brackets where is was attached was leaking a little and they resealed it. That didn't fix it, obviously. It was still not too bad until we got to Destin in some choppy water. After about 30 minutes there was a small pool of water on the carpet right up against the back seats and by the end of the day the entire aft portion of the carpet was soaked. The next morning I got up under the boat and saw the crack. It is about an inch to an inch and a half long. There is another one about a foot and a half behind it, 4 inches across but is not open. That one may be just gelcoat, but the smaller one is definitely open and that is where the water is coming in. Anyway, I am going to take it to a fiberglass shop for an estimate but I am not very hopeful. The engine and drive work great but overall the boat is old and not worth very much. It has been a real good boat though and I hate to just trash it. I guess the cost of the repair will drive my decision on that. I predict that the aft starboard side of my floor is gone too. I don't know how hard that is to replace, I figure I may can even do that one myself, but I don't know anything about fiberglass so I need a pro on that one. So, to make a short story long, I don't know what to do with the boat if the repair turns out to be too costly. Sell the engine and drive? Sell the boat for real cheap? Trash it? How would I dispose of it? I assume there are laws on how to get rid of it since it has oil and fuel in it. I guess I should get the estimate before posting this but I'm posting it anyway. I don't have alot of time left in the States to deal with this, me and the Admiral are headed back to Germany friday. I may have to store it and deal with it when I get back. Any ideas?



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    Sorry to hear of the issue,if you have a place to store it,until you get back, deal with it then is my thought. The crack might be easier to fix than you think. Enjoy the rest of your leave,be safe, and thank you for your service from a retired USAF Msgt.


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      Todd, that should be covered by your insurance, probably the boat policy. The tire blow out itself isn't covered, but consequential damage should be. If not on the boat policy, then auto policy, it would be under comprehensive. Call your boat agent first. Sorry to hear this too. I guess you'll just have to come over to Havasu for a boat ride...
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        Leave it alone until you get back. If you could put up some pictures of the crack that would be great, but I'm betting if it was caused by something hitting it, it's an easy fix.

        Thank you and your admiral for your service. Be safe.:arr


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          First, thank you for all you do to keep our country safe and free.

          The crack, store the boat for now. Cracks are not that bad to fix. laying it up will give the wood a chance to dry out. When you return, before you put her in the water repair the crack. She will then be good to go.

          And call you insurance agent, maybe this can be covered.
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            tough insurance claim if the damage was in 2008.

            I agree, the crack may not be as hard to fix as you would think, but you may want to have a surveyor look at it to see if that is the only one, or if there are more areas of damage that havent shown up yet.

            Thanks for your serivce!!!