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Now it will not go into reverse!!!-gctid396273

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    Now it will not go into reverse!!!-gctid396273

    Just when I think I am FINALLY going to get her into the water for the first time, I get hit with another setback.

    You guys helped me out big time with rebuilding my lower end/outdrive. After putting all new seals, o-rings, impeller, etc into it, refilling and reinstalling it, it started fine (out of the water), and had no leaks(the reason I rebuilt it) in the lube oil.

    The second time I start it, no problems except it idles too low and stalls when the rpms drop when shifting into idle/neutral./ After it comes up to temperature (around 180f - 200f) it does better but still wants to stall in neutral...really rough, like its running on 1-2 cylinders. Acts like it wants be idling around 600rpm but can't sustain it.

    But the real problem is shifting from neutral to dies immediately. I read up on the issues...bad shifter cable, bad switch, needs to be in the water to really check it out, etc. But the one that scares me is "when removing the stern drive, the controls should be placed in full forward position before removing the lower unit. .......I did not do that. It was in neutral when I removed it and was never touched during the removal and reinstallation. It went together I find out I may have damaged components during the reinstall because of that.???

    When I place the controls into forward gear, the prop locks, but I get no ratcheting, which some say I should get when spinning it in the opposite direction (from the locked direction). However when I shift into reverse it spins freely in both directions, no locking and no ratcheting noise.

    But the WORST is hearing the wife reminding me what B.O.A.T. means...Break Out Another Thousand....

    Bought it 3 months ago and it looks really good in the drive way, previous owner told me it was in such great condition that when I drove it from HIS driveway, I could easily drop it in the water, start her up and enjoy the water.....NOT.

    Please help!!!

    Jeff T

    you should be running at around 140- 160 190 is too high 200 is way to high you got other problems.
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      Get a thermal heat gun, less than $20 at Harbor Freight. Your gauge could be off but 200 degrees is to high. As far as not going into reverse if you did not allign the drive correctly when putting it back together that could cause it. You need to get a handle on the operating temp. If it really is 200 you need to figure out what is causing it (thermostat, blockage).
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