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    2858 engine options.-gctid796997

    I thought I was approved by the boss to go ahead and put an offer on a 2858 but I guess I wasn't. So..........

    I had the boat in mind and picked out but now I am back to looking to see what is available. From previous threads I have decided to go for the 2858 over the 2859 or 2855. I know depending on years you have a few different engine options. I guess what I am asking is the 5.7 mpi really that underpowered for that boat. I have heard they are but have also read reviews that it will plane just fine with a max wot speed of about 35-38 mph. I would like to get the 7.4 mpi but would settle for the 7.4 carbed. If the 350 mpi is really not that underpowered as I have heard it would be nice to move up to a 2001 or 2002 as what I have now is a great boat but going on 33-34 years old. Any recommendations for or against any years? I know from 1996 to 2002 they were the same pretty much with I think 2000 you could actually get the 7.4 fuel injected. I have a few options I have found, a 97 with the 7.4 carbed for $23,900, a 97 carbed for $14,900 and a couple 2000 7.4 mpi for $26,900 to around $30,000. There are also several 2001 and 2002 with the 5.7 mpi that range from why do you want so much for her when the same boat is about $10,000 less from many other sellers.

    Honestly, I feel the 350MAG and the 7.4MPI would be on par in terms of performance. Some people would disagree with me, but here's the thing - they both produce the same hp, but the 350MAG is lighter. That will pay big time dividends, and the 2858 isn't a speed demon where the extra mph or two on the top end are going to make a world of difference.

    If you find the world's cleanest 7.4MPI, then go for it. Otherwise if you find a 350MAG, go for that too.
    Matt Train
    BOC Site Team
    Chicagoland, IL


      I am not really concerned with top end like you said but when I take her out on long trips we stay in her with with full scuba gear, fresh water, fuel tank, food, and necessities. My biggest concern is being able to get up on plane fully loaded or having the power to get up in rougher water.


        I think you are going to want the 454mpi. And change the swimstep ladder for diving.

        I was looking at 2858's before I bought my 2859 and what I noticed on a lot of the ads was "newly rebuilt 5.7". That's a tiny motor for such a big boat. On paper it might look OK, but why are all the 5.7's needing to be rebuilt?

        If you look at the older 28' Bayliners, they had 2 engines.

        5.7's are cheaper so Bayliner went with those on the newer ones. Also might look better on paper that it gets better mileage.

        But if your 5.7 isn't running 100% and you have a lot of weight, you're going to struggle to get on plane.

        If anything, I'd upgrade to the 502" motor, but that is big bucks.
        Vancouver, BC
        Former Bayliners 3218, 2859, 2252, 1952


          Those who say the horse power is the same are missing the fact that the big block has nearly twice as much torque as the small block and does not have to work as hard. There is no replacement for displacement. I don't think I have ever heard anyone say I wish I had a smaller motor and as far as weight go's the big block is less than 300 pound heavier.
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          1988 2655 460 KC
          1987 2150 5.0 Cobra
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            Completely replacement for displacement. Hp means very little in a larger cruiser style boat. Torque is what you want to look at and the 5.7 is no where near a big block. That's why the bigger high end boats all have diesels. Big torque! go big block on a boat bigger than 24ft.
            1995 2859 -extensively rebuilt/restored 2016/17
            496 big block - Bravo ll leg
            The Doghouse
            Prince George BC


              I am a big fan of the big blocks in heavy cruisers. The big block may have similar HP, but as mentioned above, they have way more torque, and also a far less peaky hp and torque curve, meaning you have the power available at all rpms, rather than just at 5000 rpm where most small blocks are rated at.

              Not to mentioned the big blocks have much heavier castings, stronger cranks,rods,main bearing caps etc etc.
              1987 3818 Hino 175
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                I owned a 288 with a 5.7L MPI for 4 years. They are not underpowered with the 5.7L. A large trailing sea with big swells can knock the boat off plane (we're talking swells here not wind waves). Because the MPI has an engine ECU, you can get a ton of readings off it that are highly valuable that you can't get on a non MPI unless you invest in a ton of gauges. Things like Fuel Economy, Check Engine Sensor descriptions, hours, temperatures, pressures etc... Plus the MPI's start like your car at home.

                The hull is not a big water designed boat -- actually less to do with the hull and more the interior cabinets etc... It can take rough pounding, but expect the interior stuff to take a beating. The boat is designed more for inshore cruising so if you're primary use is that sort of thing finding one with the MPI of any size would be my recommendation.

                PS: Take a look in the Craigslist Find's thread and there is a beautiful 288 with 50 hours, a generator and trailer listed in the mid-40's -- looks to be lake used only!!!
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                  The pre-1990 2858/2850s were larger and heavier than the later boats. The single engine boats were available for some years with a Chevy 350/Volvo package and later with a Ford 460/OMC Cobra package. The performance of both engine packages is virtually the same and the small block Chevy gets better fuel mileage. My point is that big block engines do not always result in better performance.
                  1999 3788, Cummins 270 "Freedom"
                  2013 Boston Whaler 130 SS
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                    She will mainly be used for lake use but I like to try once a year to haul my boat to Florida and do the Bimini crossing and spend a week or two cruising the Bahamas. It is during summer so generally the seas are calm but we did hit some pretty rough water on the way back last time so I want to make sure she has enough power if needed and not just barely enough to get on plane with tabs fully down fighting the whole way.


             we go with the torque and "no replacement for displacement" arguements...

                      Look, boats that would have been powered by 5.7L V8s 20 years ago are now coming wityh 4.5L V6s. Time moves on, and with the 350MAG, what little torque you are giving up is counteracted by about 200 lbs taken off the transom.

                      That means the boat will plane at a slower speed where the big block is still plowing water trying to get on step.

                      I would not hesitate, not even a little bit, to get a newer 288/289 with a 350MAG. This is to say a 5.7L 300 hp MPI, coupled to a Bravo 3 drive, or in other words, the standard engine package for that year.

                      I would NOT get a carb'd 250 hp 5.7, which is what the older boats got for a standard engine.

                      I would spring for a big block if I could find one, but I would be very careful with weight on the back of the boat.
                      Matt Train
                      BOC Site Team
                      Chicagoland, IL


                        I currently have an 84 2850 that I replaced the 260 5.7 with a 300 hp 5.7. She is not fuel injected but carbed and did ok in the trip to the Bahamas and back but would of liked a little more power to get up in plane faster. She was fully loaded with full fuel and water tanks. My concern is that the engine I replaced the 260 with was a newer engine that was the same year as I believe the 96-98 2858's have in her and the 2858's weigh about 1,500 lbs more so I am a little concerned that with a heavier and taller boat that the 5.7 will not be enough.