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    Sea water leak-gctid395923

    I Have a 1981 Bayliner 32 ft with Volvo AQ151 4 cyl. inboards. At High rpms, the raw water system sprays water onto my distributor at the sea strainer fitting. ( so I am told ) Is there any way to fix this besides replacing the cylindwer head as the mechanic suggests quoting pressure build up? How does a fresh water system cause pressure in the raw water system ??? Help.

    Roy Kelln

    5 o'Clock

    This is a common leak point on these engines, the culprit can be old seals at the connection, but can also be a partialy plugged exhaust manifold causing too much pressure in the raw water circuit therefore the leak. If the mechanic says you need a new cylinder head it's time to get a different mechanic, they aren't related. The manifolds are a sacrifical item and must be replaced every so often as they fill with rust and get eaten out over time...especially in salt water.

    The OSCO is my favorite with the zinc anode and a good price. Part # is VO418, about $260-$320 each.