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Who else uses a Soda Stream on the boat?-gctid394694

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    Who else uses a Soda Stream on the boat?-gctid394694

    We have had one for over a year at home so the wife says to me we should bring it on board. Not to argue with the better half I said sure. Anyhow, after a few weeks with the device on board I found it is really practical. I do have a well maintained water system and even a rather complete filtration system on board so potable water from the tank is not an issue. Sure is handy to have soda on demand without having to lug them on board and keep it cold. I have 2 bottles in the fridge at all time, when one gets done I simply refill with tap water to chill and inject and flavour the remaining cold one in the fridge.
    Cheers, Hans
    2007 Carver 41 CMY
    Twin Volvo D6-370
    Montreal, Canada
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    I first saw this at a friends place. It is very cool IF you have access to water. In a home, certainly - a boat of your size - Definitely.

    I might consider one for our Travel Trailer when camping since we have unlimited water - but on our size boat, it's just not worth the space it takes up versus the size of the cooler which fits under the bench.