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Replacing/rebuilding ski locker hatch-gctid394652

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    Replacing/rebuilding ski locker hatch-gctid394652

    About 1/3 of my ski locker hatch is soft, due I'm sure to rot from several years worth of lake water running off my shorts, down my leg, and onto the hatch while I'm standing and driving the boat. Just looking for some tips on where to buy (and what kind) of wood, carpet, glue, etc. I plan a "do it yourself", knowing full well that unless I can somehow salvalge the carpet that's currently on the hatch, the replacement won't match the same shade of blue. Thanks!

    in my opinion you have two choices:

    - marine plywood

    - any plywood and soak it with Epoxy (first 2 times thinned 10% with MEK, then 1-2 times unthinned)

    I'd go with the Epoxy one as this thing will never rot again.

    Carpet is your choice but I assume that you want the same as the rest of the floor. If you go teh Epoxy route any outdoor glue from your favorite home improvement store will do