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1997 Merc 3.0/Alpha 1, 2nd Gen drive, Lube oil Level and how to check it-gctid394439

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    1997 Merc 3.0/Alpha 1, 2nd Gen drive, Lube oil Level and how to check it-gctid394439

    I think I have overfilled my gear oil in the drive. How should I check it to see if there is too much in it? My thinking was to position the drive in the down position, open the vent plug on the uppper unit and allow any excess to run out.

    I recently changed the fluid and when I pumped it in, it started to run out the vent...I put the vent screw back in quickly and feel there may be too much in it now.

    Suggestions on the correct level and how to chaek it?


    Jeff T

    You did it correctly if you filled from the bottom. does your boat have a remote resevoir? i dont think you can overfill them if all your seals and gaskets are good. how much did you add?



      I added until it squirted out the vent hole. It must have been close to full on my next to the last push of the plunger. Most of what I pushed in was spilling out. I capped it and thought I better ask about how much was too much and what happens when it is overfilled?

      Since the posting, I removed the vent plug and let most of it seep/run out. When it slowed I put the vent plug back in. I topped off the resorvoir and started it up. Seems to have not been an issue. No rise or fall noticed in the resorvoir during heating ort cooling down.

      Unless someone says otherwise, I am not going to worry about it. Now about all the other issues...........those are still a worry!!!


      Jeff t


        there's a good run through on youtube if you type in your drive alpha 1 gen 2 service you'll find it.There's 2 videos to watch 4 the service to be done on a yearly'll need a pump which screws onto the bottles of lube and they're filled up from the bottom of the drive until it runs out the top vent screw.that screw is then put in.

        if you have a reservoir in the engine bay which would have been pre emptied before the service oil will still be pumped in until it shows in the reservoir.remove any filings attached to the magnetic screw.

        screw back into lower drive with a new gasket.

        top up reservoir with oil from bottle to the recommended levels.

        now you'll be good to go