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  • Radar Arch lights-gctid394420

    Just purchased 1990 Ciera 2755. Aft nav light on top nor courtesy light underneath the radar arch have no power. All other lights are fine. Any thoughts? Does wiring go to some point I can check? Have couple of sources of manuals on the way. Thanks for any help..

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    Besides fuses, first thing to check is corrosion on the switches, sockets and connections. Several of my lights were not working when I got the boat and every single problem was due to corrosion. When I cleaned them up, they worked fine.

    I do have the owner's manual, it's 50 pages. Do you have a fax number by any chance? If not, I can try sending a large email file.


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      Thanks already replied to an earlier thread about getting a manual to me last week...fax 877-298-3264 or email at [email protected]


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        I have a different boat so it may be different but there is access to a plug that connects the radar arch power and speakers. Boats are often shipped without the arch so there is generally a plug somewhere to disconnect the wiring .....under a seat or access hatch.


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          Cool...Thanks Larry...I'll start searching..