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Warranty concerns with passport-gctid394246

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  • Warranty concerns with passport-gctid394246

    Some of you may have seen my earlier post in tech forum. In short have loss of compression and plug blown in half. Part still in block. The part hanging by the wire

    You won't believe it but this happened on fathers day, the very last day of the extended warranty! Called my authorized mechanic who is of course very busy this time of year. He gave me a couple of things to try, compression test, inspect plugs etc until I can get in.

    Forwarded my warranty info to him and he is telling me that passport requires written proof of claim prior to the date of expiration of the warranty. This of course was not possible due to the bad timing of the failure..

    Now this warranty also has a reimbursement clause that should refund my premium of $2200 if the warranty was not used.

    So one way or another I should have some help.. But the pessimistic side of me sees them denying the claim due the date issue and then denying the reimbursement as I filed a denied claim!

    I know this is a "half empty" view of the problem but let's face it this could get expensive very fast.

    I should have a first estimate for repairs to submit by Monday to Passport. Any suggestions would be appreciated..

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    I posted to your original "tech" post. First, if the plugs were improperly installed as I surmize, the onus is on the installation mechanic and his insurance, not your extended coverage. Beyond that, since you were towed in on the 17th, perhaps you can contact the tow person for confirmation if needed. As to the claim issue, seems to me either you have a claim or you don't. If you don't and there was no coverage or payment, don't see how they could deny refund. If you did have a legitimate claim then they pay as outlined in the policy. Worse case scenario a letter from an attorney or contact to state insurance commmissioner should clear things up.

    But I still vote for mechanic being at fault and following up with him to make good and/or confirm that no actual damage was done in writing with certified test results


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      I am with captjmh above. This problem is on the original mechanic who installed the engine.

      You stated other problems before blowing out the plug. Don't let him spit the hook.

      I also agree that if it comes down to it, an attorneys letter, or if you paid by credit card, notifying the card company will get teh mechanics attention

      I do not berate a man because he made a mistake. Its what he does to make it right is what separates a craftsman from a bozo. As in solve the problem, not make excuses.
      Captharv 2001 2452
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        Thanks for the input. I am doing these things you recommend now. Working with original mechanic who does have communication with Passport. Will get head pulled and hopefully a report that can define damage. I do have proof of tow from Vessel Assist. He fully all goes well. Thanks again.