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    Got Torqeedo from West Marine, need a Dink now...-gctid393810

    While in Portland OR yesterday, we took advantage of no sales tax and did some shopping. Among other things, we bought a Torqeedo 1003 electric outboard for the inflatable that we don't have yet. Damien at the Portland store (exit 306b) was very helpful, polite and knowledgeable. He also found the cheapest online price so he could match it, Defender, $1891. The motor seems to be price-protected everywhere at $1999. So with the tax savings, I saved almost $300.

    As far as inflatables, I have narrowed it down to the Baltik 9.5, and the Aquamarine 9.8, both aluminum floor and inflatable keel. I need the aluminum floor for Ginger, she weighs @70 lbs. I want to stay under 10 feet, the beam of the 2858, where it will be mounted on Weaver davits. Although I like the appearance of the Aquamarine and it is a bit cheaper, I am leaning towards the Baltik, one reason is a local (SoCal) company and a 5 year warranty. I can't find warranty info on the Aquamarine, and the website looks to be a horrible translation of Chinese. I know Baltik is also made in China, but it is a bit lighter and has reinforcements on the bottom, important to us for beaching.

    So, any Aquamarine owners see something I'm missing? Any other thoughts? Thanks...
    Jeff & Tara (And Hobie too)
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    In memory of Shadow (7-2-10,) and Ginger (5-11-21.)
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    u know my hell in dealing with them jeff. Like my dinghy alot though, works good. It has a skid on the keel for protection but thats about it otherwise. Aluminum floor though, is the way to go I can tell you that right now Not only does it look damn nice, it works pretty well. I highly recommend weaver davits, but I must warn you they are a PITA to install. I had to remove glued stickers from the dinghy and clean the glue off for hours before I could mount them. Then wait 7 days before I could use it! Worth the effort though, I am very pleased with them. The other nice thing about weaver davits, is i can load my engine, gear, etc without the dinghy tipping and whatnot, its solid as a rock. I just unhook it before use and when i come back shes locked back into place, its a great system and VERY solid.

    I have also installed brackets to hold my standoffs in place on the transom when not in use. The dinghy will hold up just fine with only the transom standoff in, so we can utilize our swim platform, storage, and bbq without having to drop the dinghy and get it out of our way. It works really great, probably the best money ive spent. It also as far as we can tell, has had 0 side effects on the 3055's takeoff or speed. She still clips at 44-45mph np and hops right on plane like when you drove it last time with the dinghy on the back and my 8hp engine in the cockpit + fuel in various places (engine bay between engines leaking of course).

    One thing to consider, does the baltic have a roll up aluminum floor or is it aluminum plates? I have heard bad things about the rollup, we have the plates and they are very solid just like standing on a solid surface no flexing.


      Last year we bought the Aquamarine. After one year, it is doing fine, solid as a rock and does not leak air or water. As Ryan states, aluminum floor and fiberglass transom make this dink superior to most of the other chinese built PVC boats. I would suggest you skip the website and shop for it in Ebay instead. I got the 9.8 with fiberglass transom for Buy It Now price of $800 + 69 shipping. Be warned that they ship these UPS and I think they drag them behind the truck. The box mine came in was beat to heck, but the dinghy was in pretty good shape.