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    Looking for advice on new boat-gctid393800

    I am looking at buying a new(er) boat and am looking for some guidance from fellow boaters. Besides, everyone likes spending other peoples money right?? :greedy_dollars:

    I formerly owned a 1993 Bayliner 2452 and loved the boat but had a few obvious design and equipment issues I didn't really mind but the admiral wasn't having it anymore so away it

    I am looking currently at an 08 Bayliner Discovery 246 that is fully equipped with shore power and all the bells and whistles including a trailer but it only has 5.0 MPI with a Bravo III. My other option is a brand new 2011 Discovery 266 with no electronics, fish package, or pretty much anything else but does come with a king three axle trailer. Last but not least there is an 05 (I think) 242 that has the 5.7L and Bravo III but is still basically the 2452 I loved and the wife tolerated.

    It seems that the 246 and 266 are essentially the same boat but I have no idea even though it's hard to tell them apart sitting side by side. Also, would a tandem axle trailer be sufficient or is the triple really the way to go?

    My primary usage is pretty much just cruising on the Columbia river down here or trailering up to Anacortes to head into the San Juans for a week or so a few times a year so trailerbility is definitely an issue.

    Are there any glaring issues with any of the vessels I am interested in other than the handrail mounts leaking and so on?

    Any other model recommendatiions?

    The budget is between 40K and 65K

    Thanks in advance for your time and feedback.......

    for 20000 you can have my 2002 2452, new engine and is fully fully loaded and keep 40 k in the bank

    is posted in the for sale session and comes with a brand new trailer i will deliver the boat to you for 2.5 $ x loaded mile

    i do like the 266 better than the 2452 just because the aft. berth.


      Lots of owners here with 2859, 2452's and the few 266/246.

      The extra room of the 266 I think will keep your admiral onside.

      I can't coment on the 266/246. For the money, you can put yourself into a 289/2859. These are bigger than the 266 and a 9'9" beam.

      And can be trailered, but the tow vehicle needs to be bigger.


        That 266 has a real nice interior(at least from the pictures I googled), much bigger appearing than the 246. Definitely puts the 242/2452 to shame.

        Is the 242 extinct? Replaced by the 246?


          I haven't really looked at the 289's but I will definitely take a look at those. Trailering isn't an issue as we have a 2009 F-450 King Ranch to handle that job. As I said previously I loved our 2452 and have shown the boss a 242 but she isn't having it. Asthetically I like the 242 better the 1/4 berth really does it for us. Is there a significant difference in handling with the slightly larger beam or LOA?

          Thanks guys,



            246 and 266 are the same thing.

            They have an amazing amount of space for a 24' x 8'6" beam partly due to the lack of an engine box.

            They perform well with the 350/300 B3 drive (will cruise close to 30 and will go well over 40 at WOT)

            Would be somewhat easier to trailer than the 2859 due to weight and width and will perform better when loaded just due to the power/weight ratio.

            When MY wife saw the 246, she convinced ME to buy it and loves it to this day.

            New or used? Well, we didn't have the choice in 2007, so bought new and never regretted it.

            BTW, no monkey fur in the 246; easier to keep the interior clean.
            2007 Discovery 246
            300mpi BIII
            Welcome island Lake Superior


              As Jim says, the 289/2859 is heavier and handles differently. However, the trade off is the extra space, full queen bed in the mid cabin and larger galley and an 8' wide V-Berth.

              We have a 2755 also, and really enjoy the handling, but the Admiral enjoys the 2859 due the space.

              F-450 Nice Rig


                I don't know a thing about any of these boats you're looking at. What I do know is unless you usually boat alone or just don't care, it's not wise to aggravate the Admiral.:arr

                F450; Nice rig, you can tow anything you want. But you already know that!