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    Brad 3055 wrote:
    Funny or odd enough, we have a couple boats in our boat house under similar circumstances. Seems it can take a cpl yrs++ to liquidate a boat for marina fees.

    We are going to be out sunday, you out and about?
    We are pulling the boat out of the water tomorrow to repower it. If all goes well, I'll be boatless for only a few weeks. We'll definitely come by when the boat is back in the water.

    Incidentially, the boat I referred to in this post is being stored at Tower Park.


      Brunos harbor is a colorful spot for sure. But it's just one of several harbors in the delta inhabited by older retired folks with limited incomes. It seems to be a sign of times that people who love boating and had to make a choice, and chose to live on boats. A lot of them on old house boats for sure. As I have been spending my first full year aboard in the Delta it has been very interesting meeting some of these folks and learning about their histories and love of boating. A checkered group for sure. Some of these folks have done extensive cruising and are unable to continue because of health reasons. I have a friend living in that harbor on his 70' house boat with his 175k ranger tug tied along side, and know another couple with a 65' houseboat and 40' Nordic tug in the harbor, they just completed 6 years in Mexico on the tug and are done cruising, the Tug is for sale and they're sporting around in a Mastercraft for fun. That black 60' wooden ketch at the bridge as you enter the harbor belongs to a young software engineer for Google, he'd like to live on it in the bay and stop commuting but it's hard to find an end tie for it down there. There are others as well that are at poverty line, but Bruno's is a community of boaters and they seem to love it. It is colorful for sure. But then that's the delta.