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i need quick answer :)-gctid392149

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    i need quick answer :)-gctid392149

    i don`t have much info

    7.4l volvo engine ,running ,still on the water.

    im going to see it tomorrow.what do You Think ?


    i have appoitment tomorror at noon to see it.

    i thought about converting to liveaboard

    that doesn't smell, it stinks! $500 is less than the scrap metal value of the engine. I'm sure the real owner is on vacation and doesn't know his boat is being sold. This assumes that it's not parked at the bottom of the ocean........


      Take your carry with you.

      Don't ever go out on a boat with strangers.


        Too vague- a real seller would give more info, and maybe some pics.

        Don't waste your time- it could be real, but may also be a bring cash, they bring clubs to relieve you of the cash.


          MikeRoss wrote:
          Take your carry with you.

          Don't ever go out on a boat with strangers.
          I would go packing a full clip and BRING a buddy with you.. never never go alone with a craigslist ad... and you wanna see documents in hand.. never mind I will mail them to you later crapola... contact the harbor master where it is and see if HIS name is the same as the boat your seeing...


            I wouldn't even go near it! If it was something the seller really wanted to get rid of, they would be giving it away or donating it, instead of charging five bills for it.


              Take your pick from what has already been submitted. All offer excellent advice. Why is it we all know the saying 'If it's too good to be true...' but that doesn't apply to us?
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                thank You All ).as always i like Your input

                Te Lady told me that she own 3 boats and this one is own by her son which he moved to ontario and doesn`t like the business no more so that`s why she is selling becouse the morrage ends end of this month.i will see the boat tomorrow at noon if she won`t sell it tonight.

                i will let You know and maybe some pictures

                Thank You again


                  You asked for opinions, received many sensible replies and advice and appear to be taking none of it,..............good luck, hopefully you won't be tomorrows news headline.

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                    i did read Your opinions and i belive that is "too good to be true ".

                    nothing too loose to see

                    i think like You that there is somethibnkg fishy.

                    Thank You again for Your input.

                    im listenning


                      Can't bring hand guns, folks- he's in Canada.

                      Now, a shotgun may be another thing......


                        Well she told me that the potential buyer did not shaw up.i will be there tomorrow with my 2 friends to see it about noon.

                        Thank You

                        well for this $$ i don`t think that will see much but - You never know


                          Alright, my curiosity is peaked.

                          Let's just for the moment consider the seller is on the up and up. The boat isn't stolen. She isn't going to ambush him when he gets there, etc etc.

                          What now could be the harm in buying this boat for $500? You'd have to pay to dispose of it?

                          Is there anyway he could then get saddled with overdue moorage payments?

                          Yes - if it sounds too good to be true certainly does come to mind here - but every once in a while you hear that story of someone who had no idea what they were selling for $50 turned out to be worth $50,000.

                          Don't go with money in hand - make sure it's in a public place - take all the precautions that you should normally take when buying/selling with a stranger on CL. Ask to see the proper documents, registrations, etc.

                          I am curious to find out what you have stumbled upon.

                          Hey - how big was the Kalakala again?


                            Robert K wrote:

                            Hey - how big was the Kalakala again?
                            ...and I think they only want $1 for it....


                              It sounds like a story I heard here in Oz that turned out to be a scam. Maybe her son doesn't know she is selling it, and from this I assume the owner (the son) of the boat won't even be there. Just be careful.