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    Well, we sold the boat tonight.We didn't come to the decision to sell the boat easily or without much distress, but eventually we figured it was the right thing to do. We purchased it in 2003 when we lived in Savannah GA and loved every minute of it. We have some GREAT memories and it became part of who we were and are. When we lived in Savannah, boating season was 12 months a year. Then a promotion prompted us to move to Pennsylvania. We debated on selling the boat prior to leaving, but decided with Raystown lake not to far away, we would use it. The wife was more against selling the boat than I was. After using the boat a couple seasons here in PA, work and our other activities (a class C motorhome, Kayaks and a dune buggy) seemed to make boat use nearly impossible. Storing the boat at the lake, nearly a 3 hour drive going around the mountain, didn't help.Last year, I was sent on an extended business trip during the best summer months and the boat sat unused. I took the motorhome and we turned a business trip into a family summer at a camp ground. That fall we visited the Hershey RV show and came home with some soul searching to do. We had TOO many toys for one family in Pennsylvania. After talking about some of the trips we wanted to do to some National parks out west, we decided to liquidate our toys and go for a new 5th wheel. In the end, it was the extremely short boating season that pushed the boat out. The wife insists we WILL buy another boat WHEN we move back down south. For the time, we will focus on traveling in an RV.The RV sold first, the dune buggy went next and the boat sold in 5 days (Craigslist and Ebay). I got darn close to my asking price, but I was extremely reasonable. I researched what similar boats had SOLD for as well as asking prices. Buying the boat at a good price really helped and we really got our money's worth. I feel the buyers got a GREAT deal and we can rest easy knowing a great couple bought the boat. I will point them this direction if they aren't already aware of this wonderful group.I want to thank EVERYONE here for a lot of help and advise as well as great friendships. We will be back. I easily forsee us purchasing another Bayliner. The 2452 was very good to us and offered what most boat owners don't have, family fun on the water without the intense payments (ours was paid for). I have belonged to a few forums online and this has been by far the best. The best people, no bickering and fast, accurate and extremely helpful advise.They say the happiest days in a boat owner's life is the day he buys and sells his boat, not so. We feel like we are losing a member of the family.

    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/695748=28853-p3.JPG[/img]If anyone is interested in the ad that sold the boat, here it is. luck to anyone who is also trying to sell a boat. They will sell. I had many calls and inquiries, with over 50 watchers on ebay. The bid with 5 days left was at $10,100, but the Craigslist buyer bought the boat. My only advise is to be reasonable with the price. It may be worth $1m to you, but something is only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it (and you are willing to let it go for).Thanks again friends and fellow aqua-enthusiasts. We will return one day.OJ

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    sorry to see that you are boatless now! We went through the same moving from AZ to NJ and I really missed boating a lot after the first season without had passed. No matter how many other toys we had, as soon as it was gone we wanted to go boating.

    Besides hating the State this was our main reason to look for a way to get back to AZ which we were able to achieve after 5 years. My wife always comments that 5 years in jail would have been better than NJ.

    1 week after we were back in AZ (October 2010) the boat search started and we finally had a new (used) one in May the following year.

    I am with you, boats are toys and should be paid for. To us the same applies to everything else besides a house. If we can't afford it we buy smaller or older or not.

    Enjoy life and look forward moving to a decent climate again, with a boat!


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      What a very nice message that was, Vincent.

      I'm sure that it was hard to reach the decision to sell, but clearly you have thought it all out and arrived at the decision in a rational way.

      And it looks like a very well kept boat.

      Don't stray too far away from our site!

      Wishing you & yours all of the very BEST, whether that be on land or water,,,,,,,have a wonderful time no matter what you do.

      And when you're ready to come back it will be exciting all over again for you!

      bye for now, but hopefully not forever

      Capt Sarah


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        I wish I lived back east, I would have bought that boat in a heartbeat!

        Boats here in Colorado especially cruisers go for a pretty penny since they are few and far between.

        We sold our boat last season when my son was born with intentions of buying one when he turned 2. We bought our 2355 last month.


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          a64armt wrote:
          ...They say the happiest days in a boat owner's life is the day he buys and sells his boat, not so. We feel like we are losing a member of the family... We will return one day.

          Spoken like a true boater OJ. Fair winds!


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            Vincent, no need to leave BOC. Boat owner or boatless once a BOC'er always a BOC'er. Keep involved with BOC.

            I sympathize with your decision as I had to go through the same process just last year when I sold my 3055. Sometimes you have to do what you don't want to do.

            Stay involved with BOC.
            Rick Grew

            2022 Stingray 182 SC

            2004 Past Commodore
            West River Yacht & Cruising Club