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    Walk-Through Transom Mod-gctid391782

    Yachtman and I were having an earlier forum discussion on transom modification to provide walk-though capability from the cockpit sole to the swim platform, and he suggested I start a separate thread to get the BOC brain trust to weigh in on, assuming feasibility, how to gitrdone. Anybody out there have the experience and/or an opinion to share? This is one project I wouldn't wanna start without some steerage. Thnx.


    On my '85 Contessa (2850) there is a cut out on the transom for entry from the swimstep. It is not super low, and not a "walk through" but does help.

    I would only be concerned about whether or not the integrity of the strength of the stern would be effected if it were to be cut too low. Boats that have them already molded in had the stresses of the stern already factored in.

    Other than that I would think it would be a straight forward project if you love working with fiberglass. Does your '83 Contessa not have a cut out?



      Mine does not have the lower step-over transom area I've seen in pix on the starboard side. Is that where yours is?



        Not having experience with your exact boat im reluctant to say its this way or that.

        The first thing you need to decide is where you want it. Next a plan for strengthening the transom where its cut.

        It may also be that there are too many things in the way where you want to make the walk through.

        The main thing when cutting the transom is the keep as much or more strength than factory. Generally installing stringers from top to bottom is best but then you have steering and pumps and such to deal with.

        There may be a reason the factory ony put a small cut out for a walk through.

        Next you need to decide what type of door ypu wan. You can use the cut out for the doorbells. This ish alot of work but in my mind looks better and keeps out water better if properly constructed. You can also make a flat sliding or hinged door. Many new boats are like that.

        You will have to deside what you want and how you will construct the jams in the inside of the boat. Once again the complicated part.

        cutting the hole is the easy part.

        Keep in mind that the area in which you want to cut is subject to alot of twisting and torquing. It will have to be strong or you will get stress cracks. Also when building everything must be layered as to not cause a hard spot in the hull or you will get stress cracks.

        Here is fordm's transom door project

        More links to others.

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          As yachtsman said, you can do this on just about any transom cruiser if you run stringers from the very top of the cut as far down as practical. Something fairly heavy duty - I'd say 1.5" thick of a very structural grade wood. This is to keep the hull side closest to the cut from "flapping" out, which will cause cracks to spread and overall accelerate the boat falling apart.

          First, if you have a single engine Contessa this should be easy - go in the engine compartment and take pictures below where the door would be. If one side is full (i.e., the trim pump on the Contessa is probably on the port side?), try the other side.


            Thnx to all for the steerage and especially the previous threads with many pix...each one truly worth a thousand words. Spent a bundle of time in my engine bildge today studying the "job site." I starting to believe although a lot of work this project is doable. Will have to give it additional thought on if/when to pull the trigger and get started. I'll be sure to document the process with pix.