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3218 stairs to master stateroom issue-gctid391619

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  • 3218 stairs to master stateroom issue-gctid391619

    So here's a request from those who have that foldable set of steps leading down to the master stateroom. Mine collaspsed recently with me on them. Yes, I'm fine, thanks. I repaired the steps over the winter then took them back to the boat to reinstall them. That wet fine until I noticed they were attached to the hatch cover access to the front of the starboard engine. Previous owners have jimmmy rigged the attachment of this hatch to the bulkhead by just screwing it to the bulkhead. As I descend the steps I see that hatch move and that makes me wonder how long before it all collapses again. Any ideas out there for a better attachment system and that makes access to that side of the engine room easier? Thanks

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    We had the same problem on our 32. Ours collapsed on me once too. Access to the engine room hatch was a pain removing not screws but bolts that went through the hatch and bulkhead into the engine room and there you had to access two nuts through the small lift hatch. What a pain.

    The best system I have seen and I had planned to convert to is to make the steps non folding and removable. It provides you with the most stable stairs that you can get. They can be removed easily if you use the slide latches like they do on sail boats. They are completely out of the way and don't hinder access to the engine room hatch. The last thing is, it frees you up to install hinges and a latch on those ER hatches. I hated taking those long screws out of the hatches every time you wanted to access the engines.

    If you search in the Motoryacht section you should be able to find several threads where people have converted to non folding stairs and one shows the hatch config I just described.

    Good luck, it is a project worth the effort.
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        good post, I have this problem too. Every time my delicate self uses those stairs I live in fear.


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          We have changed our stairs to solid also. They are secured with what is called a take apart/lift-off hinge. I think we got ours from Fisheries Supply. Sea Dog brand? Anyway, the hinges mount on the ladder verticals and on the hatchway threshold wall. To remove the ladder, you simply lift up on it, pulling the top half of the hinge off the pin, secured in the lower half. Works great!


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            Think I'll go that route.....looks like the Right side holds the engine room access in place also.