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    Researching 288-gctid759725

    I currently own an '89 2655 Sunbridge and am looking at an 06' 288. I've done some research and it sounds like the boat to fill all my needs. Some questions I am still left with an hope you all can answer.

    Has anyone used a trailer with this boat whether its for winter storage or normal use and what are your experiences with it?

    What is the depth of the forward bunk?

    What is the headroom of the cabin?

    Can the aft "stateroom" comfortable fit 2 normal width adults?

    I've seen 22-25kts cruising at between 3600-4000 rpm... what fuel burn are you guys getting?

    First, Ihave a 2000 2858, same as 288, on a trailer, for sale, and I can deliver. PM if you're interested.

    That answers your first question, as long as you have the proper tow vehicle, I have a Ford F-250 diesel. The vee berth is quite comfy, similar to a queen size bed, narrower in front, wider at the rear. I'm 6'2", and I sleep great along side my wife, and sometimes the dog. Cabin headroom is at least 6'6, maybe more. The aft berth is a wide single, two kids. Or two adults, one wide, two deep. B) The dinette also converts to a similar size bed. I don't know what fuel burn I have, it's a boat, and it's never good. Others report 1-2 mpg.

    And welcome to the BOC! :cheer:
    Jeff & Tara
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      My '05 288 is transported via a pro to/from home and ramp at the beginning and the end of the season, so I can't speak to your trailering question. Be advised, however, that the height of the radar arch when on a trailer might be close to local traffic limitations...mine is up around 13+ ft from the ground when on the trailer. Lots of weaving to avoid tree limbs and traffic lights...fortunately it only goes 6 miles to/from.

      As for the forward bunk, I'm 6' tall and can lay in the bunk comfortably without any "overhang" laying on the centerline. It's even better when laying parallel to the hull sides.

      Cabin headroom is generous - I'd estmate 6' 3" to 6' 5"

      I use the "cave" under the dinette mostly for storage of beach chairs, fenders, and the spare cushions that go atop the dinette table for conversion to a bed. It would be fine for 2 young children or 1 adult, not sure about 2 adults....a little claustrophobic, even though there's an A/C vent and lights down there.

      My cruising sweet spot is around 3800 rpm, 28 mph @ 14-15 gph - yielding almost 1.9 to 2.0 mpg, depending on load, wind, and sea condition.

      It's a great boat with a great layout - I enjoy mine! Good luck with your search.
      2005 288 Command Bridge
      350 Mag MPI / BRAVO III

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