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    I have one FACEBOOK post.

    "I do not participate on Facebook."

    Too much family drama plays out there. I choose NO.
    You could just not friend them. Or mute them. Facebook doesn't have to be annoying if you curate the accounts you want to see. I don't see ANY of the posts from anyone I find too annoying to see but out of obligation don't feel I can unfriend (basically extended family).
    What about immediate family you choose to ignore ?
    I can't say it won't get awkward, but I've lived long enough to know (at least for myself) that family only means something if they actually act like family. I have one VERY immediate family member that started "drama" with me on FB so I messaged them, told them I was unfollowing them and it would probably be best if we just acknowledged that we don't get along and move on with our separate lives. I realize that's not realistic for some people, but we have one life to live and only so many years to live it. Sometimes you can't spend time on things that aren't enjoyable and aren't making your life or someone else's better.

    The best advice, I think, is to just not engage with drama. Just ignore it. Facebook is a social network, not a phone call or an in-person conversation. If you're talking to someone in person, it's awkward and difficult and likely bad etiquette to just ignore them if they say something you don't want to engage in. But in the asynchronous world of social media, you can't be expected to talk to everyone and engage with every conversation or comment.


      I connect with over 400 of my previous students and their families that I've come to know over the years. We seem to have better contact with our son and his fam as well. Yes I am a bit vocal on some politics and have good conversations with all of them. I enjoy hearing why they think the way they do and I know no one will change minds.... My point is I like to learn and follow the lives of so many I have helped in their growing up...
      Doug ;}
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