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  • Anchor Light Issues-gctid391391

    Hello. I have a 2010 175BR. I have the 3 pin hookup for the anchor light and have lost the light pole twice while riding at night as it has just flew off even though I put it in as snugly as it would go. Has anyone else experienced this problem? What are you other mod-friendly boaters using for an anchor light if not the stock light? I need something that wont fall off but I can still remove when not riding at night.

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    I have the 2-pole (or pin) version on my 175 and just got an LED model. The original one had a bit of play and I hooked it up with a small cable *) as I expected it to jump over board (never tried it). The new LED model has a ring with a conical bottom you can squeeze into the socket to hold it better which may do the trick. I think I saw the 3-pin version made the same way too.

    *) a self tapping screw about 1" above the socket with a thin SS cable ending in a hook and hooked up to the ski rope thing which is just below.


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      I'm pretty sure mine twists into some grooves after it's inserted. Either that or the black plastic ring at the top of the female receiver twists.

      Can't remember for sure----but something twists and locks it in.

      Yours might also.


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        Mine has a collar that screws on after insertion.

        I usually have trouble getting the pole out


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          Makes me have to ask: How fast are you cruising at night? Your stern light coming out may be the least of your problems...

          Pugetsoundog (woof)


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            mine doubles as a flag pole.... At night the risk is zero as on the lake I usually am everything above no-wake speed is suicide.