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    Roddy wrote:
    You should be able to get these in HD depending on your location, even with rabbit ears, we do...

    KVOS 35-1 (IND) Orcas Isl SD only

    K24IC-D 28-1 (PBS) Orcas Isl SD only

    CHEK 49-1 (CBC) Satuna Isl 720i HD

    CBUT 34-1 (CBC) Mt Seymour, Vancouver 720p HD

    CHAN 22-1 (Global) " " " 1080i HD

    CIVI 32-1 (CTV) Victoria 1080i HD
    In my walk out basement in Skyline, Anacortes, I get 12.1,12.2 and 35.5.

    I'm using a Aver TV Hybred Volar Max inputed thru a USB port with the rinky dink rabit ears that came with the unit.

    I would think any of the TV/USB adapters would work fine as long as the signal is good. There is no such thing as a DTV antenna!

    It's been used from Olympia, Victoria, Gulf Islands and Vancover.

    As long as it gets a good signal it's great on my 17" laptop.

    The laptop has HDMI out which I have run to 42" 1080 TVs.

    I also have SearClear II and OpenCPN which I prefer on the laptop.

    Been planning to put a larger screen TV on the boat to see what it will be like.

    If anyone goes to BC and uses the cell network there, you better check on what plans your cell company has. It can get real expensive, real fast using roaming in Canada. I was a couple hundred yards fishing off the SW side of San Juan Island and got dinged for roaming from Canada. Seems the roaming from Vancoverr Island has a stronger signal that the signal from San Juan Island.

    The olympic coverage in the past has been live from the Canadian channels. They tend to be coverage of events gearded to Canadians. Still better than taped shown later on the US networks.