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Stupid is as Stupid does.....-gctid757058

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    Stupid is as Stupid does.....-gctid757058

    Hello all--short story...

    guy in my boat club who is an arrogant son of a biscuit got his just desserts last Saturday---read on!

    So this guy ends up with a divorce... ex-wife can't stand him anymore. He then gets himself a girlfriend and 6 months later marries her---there both in there fifties.

    They decide a 25' Formula with a 330 Hp Big Block Chevy and a Mercruiser Bravo II would be a good wedding gift to each other... they run it but it only is in the 50+ mph zone.... they run it hard looking for more and more speed until they blow up the 454.

    Out comes the 454 and it gets rebuilt and spiced up.... back on the water they are now very close to 60 mph but still not happy.... so, out comes the rebuilt 454 and it gets sold. Said guy takes $12,000 and has a 515 cubic inch port fuel injected motor put together and supposedly is somewhere past 500 hp. Back in the water the boat is now past 65 mph and inching towards 70 but not there yet.

    (heres where it gets good....) :lol:

    He cracks the valve covers off (warranty just went out window...) and decides to pull of the stock ratio rockers (I don't know if they where stamped or rollers or ???) and he puts on a set of high ratio rollers that ON THE BOX say they are good for 7000+ rpm....

    Back on the water he changes his prop to get more RPM out of the motor and winds that S.O.B up!!! Well somewhere past 6000 (nope no rev limiter on either the ignition or the fuel injection ... it drops one and maybe more valves---the pistons play "cookie monster " with them and pieces parts exit the block stage left.... :blink:

    Said guy is now screaming mad at the ENGINE builder because it blew up!!! Then they tell him the warranty is null and void because he changed the valvetrain out....which almost cause this guy to dive head first off the nearest building...

    LMAO---couldn't of happened to a nicer guy!!!

    Wish I had $12,000 for a hi-po BBC


    Sometimes Karma plays nice and you finally get to see it in action.
    Pat. Sandpoint Ida


      More money than sense.


        "Stupid people deserve to be screwed."

        Jeffw, circa 1999...
        Jeff & Tara
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          "Jeffw" post=757135 wrote:
          "Stupid people deserve to be screwed."

          Jeffw, circa 1999...
          I can't remember seeing that one in the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations.


            Sorta like a "a sucka is born every every minute "
            Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man !

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              A row boat is all this fella should own.
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                "itsabowtime2" post=757150 wrote:
                A row boat is all this fella should own.
                Amen to that!! And to all the other comments too....


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                    No Pics... nobody could get a camera in there before boat was gone on a trailer... sorry....