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  • Maintaining stainless rails/canvas supports-gctid391050

    It's been a little cool and damp (for those not from around the PNW - It is Farging COLD! as explained to me by my buddy visiting from Texas...) so we have been in hyper-drive detailing all the nooks and cranny's of the boat. Boy does it ever make a huge difference doing so in cool weather. All the different soaps and protectants don't instantly dry while you are applying them so it makes it really easy to get things shiny, polished and clear.

    One thing I wanted to check before I get ahead of myself:

    Our railings and canvas supports are slightly chalky and dull. NO rust or corrosion but I want to get them all dolled up while I have the time and the 'duck/dock' weather.

    I did a couple of searches and found some interesting info from Johnny Vintage....but I really value the experience and knowledge so I am looking for any and all ideas, products and things that you folks do with yours.

    What do you folks do to maintain the appearance of your top-side stainless? And is there a polish or protectant to keep them looking good in saltwater environment?

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    I use on all my stuff, I simply wipe it on and off with a cloth on areas that might be touched by hands with any frequency, like rails and stanchions...


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      Marine cleaner wax does a good job for me and is great on the fiberglass too.

      Oh, and it's cheap. (Walmart) :greedy_dollars:


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        [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/694665=28688-2012-06-12_11-30-44_290.jpg[/img]I use never dull it works great on stainless
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          +1 for the Never-Dull. Stuff is great. Then again, when I'm out waxing anyway, I'll do the rails, too.


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            Flitz Paste works very well.