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Anyone know of a true custom font vinyl lettering supplier?-gctid746284

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    It's funny how the brain works - you see something, but you don't quite see it's wrong.

    Chalk this up to a computer glitch, followed up by FANTASTIC customer service. I had done everything possible to make sure the font looked right, that when the material came in, I didn't realize the font was different.

    The great customer service came in when almost a month later I realized the difference in the lettering, took pictures of what was rendered on their computer software, and showed the delivered product. James was absolutely great to work with, he found what the computer glitch was that was causing the wrong font to print out, and fixed it - spent time on the phone with me and e-mail several renderings to me to ensure the final product was absolutely what I was after.

    2 days after that I had my new vinyl letters.