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  • Hull Construction 1997 2452-gctid389305

    I went to a marine electronics shop today to get a depth sounder for my boat a 2452, they needed to know if the hull was solid fiberglass or if it has a foam core and also the chine angle so they could recommend the right transducer and determin if it could shoot through the hull or if they need to install a through hull transducer. Does anyone know this inofrmation and if it is a solid hull does the transducers that shoot through the hull work well?

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    I installed an Eagle depthfinder/fishfinder on my 1992 2452 and installed the sounder in the bilge, shooting through the hull. It worked fine.

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      Thanks for the reply Spyderweb, that makes me feel a little better, I really don't want to cut through the hull if I can avoid it. Did you use an angle transducer, I've been told some of the transducers installed inside the hull need a container filled with some liquid (glycol) to get a good return.


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        Shooting through the hull works fine for me, as well. I have a 2452.


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          Hi Hawgcaller, do you know what kind of transducer it is. The depth sounder/fishfinder I was looking at today was a Sitex SVS-650, they just couldn't decide on what transducer to use. Did you have to have yours enclosed in a box with a glycol solution or is just bonded and dry?


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            I've got a depth finder w/a with the deal mounted all inside the boat,,,,,transducer is in my bilge.

            And I know that it works pretty well right down to 400' as most times it matches exactly my nicer, 1 y/o chart plotter that has an outside transducer.

            They're never more than a foot or two apart.

            good luck!



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              Thanks Sarah, it's sounding more and more like I won't have to cut through the hull.