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    Wakeboard Towers and Lightning-gctid388542

    I just installed a wakeboard tower on my boat, and the recent weather reports for most days in my area have usually carried some chance of thunderstorms. This led me to thinking as I look at this steel structure on my modest boat -- did I just install a huge lightning rod?! I know that cars are relatively safe places to be in during thunderstorms -- what about boats, and what effect will this steel tower contribute to the situation? Of course I'll always try to avoid that kind of weather, but if an unexpected storm pops up, did I just increase the risk to the boat and anyone on it?!



    The rubber tires is what protects you in the car. Your tower is adhered to fiberglass with no grounding. Min if any if you happen to have a speaker wire grounded to the engine but that woud be min compared to what is coming down.

    Even on the trailer with bunks you are not really grounded.

    You hear thunder, be grateful you are alive and get your *** out of there.