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    Positive boat shipping experience-gctid388305

    I was recently in sunny Southern California on vacation and happened to come across the model boat I have been looking for (2252 with hardtop).

    Well it was priced well (didn't have the PNW 50% more than everywhere else asking price), was in good condition (no old bottom paint, barnacles, corroded outdrive), and had a new motor with less than 20 hours on it.

    So I bought it and towed it to my sisters house and then contemplated ways of getting it home.

    Rent a pickup truck one way and forfeit flight home? Couldn't do it as no one had a rental truck avaiable.

    Fly home as planned and drive truck back to pick up boat? 1250 miles each way would probably cost me $1000 to $1500 in fuel and 3 vacation days driving 22-24 hours back to back nonstop. Not fun but willing to do it.

    Did some research and found

    It works kind of like ebay. People bid on what you need to ship and the price keeps getting lower until you accept the offer or the auction ends in 3 days. No commitment to buy or pay anything unless you accept one of the bids. I plugged in my info and was surprised to see it go down to $1400 pretty quick. I accepted the offer and the boat was in my driveway in Washington 4 days later.

    I was pleased with the communication and service and would do it again.

    So anyone in the PNW searching for a boat, look down south where the boats aren't moldy and corroded and much cheaper in price.

    That's awesome. Good to know. I imagine it's like a crap shoot though. Four days is incredible


      There is actually a show on one of the channels called Shipping Wars. It on the History Channel I believe. And it follows 4 or 5 shippers from Ubid. Pretty good show. Wonder if you got one of the shippers they follow.


        That URL has been a good one for a while. For those contemplating it, remember to ask if the shipper is bonded/licensed/insured, etc. I suggested UShip to a former student and she had two cars shipped from WA to PA at a very reasonable rate. Also, if you have open ship dates, you will get more lower bids as the shipper can probably work a two way trip thus lowering your costs...
        Doug ;}
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          Yes, the guy that I used does, well not a 2 way ship, but 2 at a time.

          He comes from Anaheim all the way to BC Canada once a week bringing up dogs that nobody wants.

          He picks them up at animal shelters from their death row and delivers them all along the way and then on to Canada.

          I guess the Canadians take the dogs nobody here wants.

          He was bonded and had 30+ positive recommendations on his feedback.

          What was cool was I could pay the company with my credit card, and then after delivery you give the guy a code and he calls, gives the code, then he gets the money.


            Good the hear that you had a great experience with uship. Doug hit the nail on the head with his comments about due diligence.


              One more thing about due diligence with uship registered shippers... In addition to asking them if they are insured, make sure you get a copy of the policy and follow up by calling the insurance company and verifying it is still active. I once used a contractor from Angie's List, whom I asked to furnish me with a copy of the policy. He provided me with an (Acord) insurance binder. I called the insurance broker listed on it to verify the policy, and was told it was no longer active. I wouldn't be surprised if certain shippers just obtain a binder and stop making payments on the policy; and continue to furnish it as proof of insurance. It taught me an important lesson -- CALL AND VERIFY INSURANCE COVERAGE!


                The shippers on that show are all a bunch of clowns. I wouldn't trust any of them to move a boat for me. Sounds like you got lucky, glad it worked out for you!