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    185 Windshield Cover Canvas-gctid388062

    I amlooking for direction on where to get the canvas that covers the windshield. My canvas covers the bow and one covers the cockpit, however, that one snaps up to the top of the windshield and leaves it exposed. Any ideas or where to find the windshield covering canvas?

    I haVE THE SAME PROBLEM on my boat. I am thinking about purchasing sufficient sunbrella type fabric and trying to velcro it to the cockpit cover beyond the windshield and to the bow cover below the windshield. I would also sew in several straps that can clip to existing snaps on the bow for extra connections. My main goal is to keep the rain water off the windshield while its at the dock- too much water finds its way into the cockpit with the windshield exposed.

    If I did it over again I would have had a one piece cover made for the boat.