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  • Made a bad day!-gctid387792

    This did not happen to me and I wish I took a picture but the guy was very upset (rightfully so) and I didn't want to be one of those guys after we helped him.

    REMEMBER... To put your vehicle in park and I set the e-brake to be extra safe but we were putting in over on the st johns in deland and some guy with a nice Nissan Titan accidentally put the truck in neutral instead of park. Truck slide down the ramp and wedged itself under the dock bent the drivers door all the way forward. What was strange was the about 5mins after it happened the all the airbags deployed. Luckily someone showed up to pull him out but man did we feel bad for him.

    I was in the process of backing our boat down the ramp when my wife stared screaming. Stopped to see what was going on when she yelled about the guy next to use...

    Poor guy really not a good way to start the day.

    Don't forget to but your vehicles in park...

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    When we launch, I back in, set the brake, put it in PARK. One day, when I was about to climb up onto the pontoon boat, I saw the back-up lights were on! I got distracted and forgot step three...ops
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      Poor guy. I used that ramp a lot. My first cell phone of off one of those docks.

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        Back in my trailering days, I saw that happen a lot. It happened so frequently that it was always fresh in my mind and I never had it happen to me. One of the things I did was to have one of the people who were with me that day, get in the drivers seat and put their foot on the brake for extra insurance. My old stick shift truck was notorious for popping out of gear.

        I actually saved a woman from being run over by her own car. The car started rolling down the ramp and for some reason she thought that she could hold it back. I was running over to help her and just as I got there, she slipped on the algae at the water line and fell. I was able to grab her by the arm and pull her out from behind the car before it ran over her. The car ended up in the water up to the top of the rear wheels. The back of the trailer somehow managed to get caught on some submerged debris at the end of the ramp and stopped the car.

        Alls well that ends well.


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          Had a 2 WD 1980 P/U truck with a roller trailer. When launching or retreiving, the weight of the boat onthe rear of the trailer lifted the truck rear, and it slid. I had to wheel chock the truck front wheels to "anchor" it.

          I saw a guy with a 1980 big Cadillac, back up with the drivers door open, so the boat could float off. He went in so far that the water came into the car thru the open door. Kinda left, post haste.

          There is no better entertainment than watching at a busy ramp. Especially the one on the St. John's, under I-4, on the Seminole county side. In the CG auxiliary, we referred to it as "The redneck ramp". A close second is the city owned one in Kissimmee.

          When launching, I use 4WD low range, apply the parking brake, and in park. This way, the brakes in the rear axle, and park is transferred to all the wheels. No problems.
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            My truck ran out of diesel when putting the boat in one time during low tide.Wife, kids,dog & grandparents were in the boat luckily I had a big ol rope with me and found friendly fisheries officer to pull me and my trailer to safety while fam damily floated around awhile.

            I always fill up truck with diesel before launching ever since that time.


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              what made it even worse for that guy he was telling us that he JUST got his truck back a few days prior from the body shop after an accident he was in a few weeks before and he was in the process of calling his wife whom he said was not going to be happy that they have to make another insurance claim.

              I've only been an avid boater for about 3months and this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this (aside from youtube), I wouldn't say that it ruined our day on the water but it definitely changed the mood.