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    Bayliner Avanti-gctid345875

    I was offered a bayliner avanti with the 460 cobra witch I bealive is a 7.4 ....a few questions.....

    How hard is to drive a boat that big? (comming from that I am comming from a capri)

    How hard is in gas??? My Capri is the avarage of 10 Liters per hour.... I know it's a funny question.....but I still want something that I can cruise without breaking the bank....

    Any chance to be moved without special license it's a 29.55ft Or I can tow with a regular truck capable of towing that amount of age....

    tks guys.....

    PS: I know it's way bigger than what I was looking but this one is comming in a good price sooooo maybe.....

    I think the 460 or 7.5L is a Ford block, the 7.4L is a 454 GM block.

    As to drivability it is all what you learn and get used to.

    As to fuel consumption my 7.4L while up on plane gets just over 1 NMPG in the sweet spot. That will give you a ball park figure. Someone who runs the Avanti can give you a better idea than I can.

    The drive if it is a King Cobra from what I have heard can be difficult to get parts for. I think that is what was mated to the big block Ford, but I could be wrong.

    Usually towing restrictions apply to width, not so much length, and local jurisdictions vary as to what constitutes a wide load. You will need to know the beam of the boat and what the law is in your area.

    As to the tow rig, you will have to know the weight of the boat, trailer, fluids and stuff you load into the boat. Then check the tow capacity of the tow vehicle. I doubt you will find many, if any, half ton pickups that are rated to tow the Avanti. You will likely need a heavy duty 3/4 or 1 ton rig.

    I suggest you have the boat surveyed before you decide to buy. A cheap boat in poor condition may not be a good deal depending on the costs needed to make it safe and reliable. A good surveyor can help you decide if it is a good deal or not.

    All the best.


      it's not so bad to's the docking that becomes the issues.....never approach the dock faster than your willing to crash into it..

      and you'll be ok...

      :arr arr


        The 2955 Avanti is a great boat, love the cabin layout.


          what year/size? That will make a difference.

          Mine is a 1989 3485 and it has the 12'11'' beam, dual engines. I run about .9 mpg total for both engines. Our usual run is 14 miles to the cove and back.

          Not hard to drive, and if dual screws much easier to manuver at slow speeds. Mines a v-drive inboard, not a stern drive