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My Docked Boat was hit by a Idiot this weekend!!!-gctid386159

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  • My Docked Boat was hit by a Idiot this weekend!!!-gctid386159

    Before I move forward on this matter. I need some advise from some of you. I was docked at our local boat ramp, pulling my trailer out, as I'm walking back, my wife and kids are all nervious looking. I asked what happened, and here we go!!! Well some guy in a two seater seado was doing quick turns in a no wake zone, and happened to do one to close to my front bow.

    He hit my boat and damaged my front bow tow hook. Now! I did not call the locals to the dock, but I did take pictures and got the owners insurance information etc.. So did I take this matter in the right direction? I've never been in a on the water accident. I might need so info until I start calling insurances. Thanks for the help if any! I'll keep to myself of what I said and what lessons I had to teach these idiots. It got real bad!

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    You should feel lucky the person on the jet ski even stopped. I hear on the radio all the time while out fishing that someone on a jet ski hit someones boat and left. They are hard to catch when there is so many jet skiers out there. It's like catching a greased bull frog in a pool of jello.There is nothing worse than a bunch of those little water roaches scurring all around. More than half of them around here don't even own...they rent the jet ski.

    I think you did right in getting his insurance info. At the time of the accident I would have call the locals as well though. It is probably a little late for that now. Hopefully his insurance info he gave you is accurate.

    It is always a good idea to keep the local wildlife and fisheries number close at hand. They can respond to issues on the water faster than other agencies. The last time I went out, a Florida Wildlife and Fisheries patrol boat stopped these two idiots on a jet ski that kept buzzing my boat while I was anchored and trying to enjoy a day of fishing. He came over nodded at me as he passed by and cited them for underage operation. Made my day.

    I hope everything works out with the insurance. I am in the middle of an insurance claim right now, which has taken some weeks off my life. It is their responsibility to pay for the damages and your choice of repair shops. Maybe, call your insurance and learn your rights. Don't claim it on your insurance, just ask their opinion.


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      Thanks for the info! Yea it was a stupid thing, it knoxed my wife off her feet when he hit the boat. Plus I have two kid in the boat at the time. Thats what really pissed me off!! I'll look further into this matter thanks!


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        Perhaps have your repairs done under your own policy coverage, and let your insurance company subrogate.

        You have the information..... just give it to your company.

        You'd almost need a video in order for the authorities to issue a citation to the jet ski operator.

        But if you did, I'd sure do that!

        Many of these jet ski and wave runner operators don't have a clue as to proper etiquette.

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          I'm sorry to hear that... what a way to ruin a nice day on the water.

          good luck and hope you can get it straightened out quickly and easily.

          I hope this doesn't scare the wife off from wanting to get back out there.



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            When I first started to read your post - my first instincts were - "get this guy".

            But then I thought about it, and as stated, at least he stuck around.

            I take it like any other auto incident - what was the intent. OK - sure, he was in a no wake zone - that alone should say it all. But he didn't take off.

            If he was a jerk to you and your family during/after the incident, then I certainly would have called the authorities on the spot. But if he was actually trying to own up to his actions, then simply take the information, call his insurance company and verify everything is valid, and then as mentioned, have your insurance company go after the repairs/compensation from his company.

            At this point I don't think you can "go back" and do any of the above, so your only choice is to use the information you have on hand now and let your insurance company handle everything.


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              Thanks for the info. Well to really lay it on the line, This guy and about 10 people were trading off rides, In a no wake marina zone! This idiots decided to start do do-nuts and realized seado's don't have brake nor a good turning ratio. LOL! what makes my hat on steam is this happened at a docked area in a no wake zone, while had tons of water to go do that crap at. But it had to be 5 feet from my boat and the dock. Oh well! I'll take this info and move on!

              Yea I would of called the sheriff office but we just deployed! I wanted the water more than looking at the people for another hour or so.! LOL!


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                A very similar thing happened to me in Canada one year. I was moored at a resort dock and a Noob tried to manuver a 26 foot jet boat in an opposing wind/tide situation. Broke my kicker motor off and into 25 feet worth of salt chuck. The Noob did come up to the RV and fess up. I asked about insurance and he said he had insurance. We went to a pay phone and called his Farmers Agent in the Boise area, who promptly assured me it was cover. And when we returned back to Oregon, they would contact me to arrange a replacement. Well, 3 three went by before I called the regional Farmers office. They told me that there was an "issue" (I Hate that word/term) and he may have NOT been covered. Right then I was mentally booting myself for missing the Locals being called (British Columbia Constable). They have mandatory reporting and verify on the spot insurance cover that is OK in BC. If BC Authorized insurance cannot be verified, especially if it is an alien (US Citizen), then they require a bond to be posted to cover damages, a very good system.

                I was not a happy camper with the Noob, his Farmers Agent who possibly lied to me over the phone, or even the regional Farmers Office attitude of trying to blow me off. I called the Oregon State Insurance Commissioners Office to see where I stood and what I could do about it. They were extremely helpful, especially explaining to me the "Rules" whereby All Insurance Companies operate and are allowed to sell policies in Oregon. They also explained to me that Idaho's Insurance Commissioners Rule were almost the same. The helpfulness was filing an official complaint against Farmers Insurance company for Lying to me to evade Financial Responsibility. I called the Idaho Insurance Commissioners Office and file a complaint there against both Farmers, and the Farmers Agent. You would have thought that I personnally kidnapped every kid of every Farmers employee. I had them beating my phone to death trying to replace the motor and garrlick mount. Apparently, if a complaint such as mine is not resolved quickly, the Insurance Commissioners suspend that company from writing and/or renewing that category of policies until successeful resolution, i.e., me happy with new kicker & mount. The local Farmers regional office called me saying they had a check for me and if it would not be too much trouble to bring in what was left of the motor. The only thing left of the motor was the greasy clamping mechanism which I brought to them and put on their nice clean counter. I explained to the regional manager all of the BS Farmers, their agent in Boise had put me through, and that I would drag my feet cancelling the complaint just like they had. He torn up the $900 check, went back to his office and came out with a $3,000 check asking if that would solve any and all problems, especially the Insurance Commissioner complaints. Said yes and towed the Trophy over to Stevens Marine which put a brand new kicker and mount on for me.

                The reason I related my story is that, it is NOT too late to file an appropriate accident report. Get it on record. Now the next most important thing for you to do is accutally VERIFY the Insurance Coverage of the JET SKI. Contact the dipwads Agent and company, do NOT ASSUME anything!!!!


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                  Well some updates. I have called both insurances to get the process of crap going etc... Some funny facts the policy number giving to me verbally was the wrong one. So I got that stright with the other parties insurance etc.. Called my local on the lake sheriff dept to get info. Basiclly fill out a blue form! NOT! unless I would like to persue a civil matter if one or both insurances don't comply etc.. Well thats it, front bow tow hook is damaged but that seems to be the only thing wrong at this point. I'm going to go over the complete boat this afternoon.


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                    You were correct to file the claim- at worst, your policy should make you right, then subrogate against the offender's policy/person. At best, his coverage will make you right. Either way, your boat should be repaired in short order.


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                      Thanks for that info! I've also been reading up on Texas PWC laws that have changed this year. Which made the other person more in depth with "Oh crap I'm in deep crap" issues! Even tho no police report was reported.


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                        What kind of damage?

                        The bow eye is bent?

                        Police usually don't do reports unless there is more than $500 in damage.

                        If it is just a replacement of the bow eye, that shouldn't be too much.


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                          green650 wrote:
                          Police usually don't do reports unless there is more than $500 in damage.
                          And that right there is the first stage of the problem. The police should file a report REGARDLESS of how much THEY think the damage is.

                          A police officer is not qualified to determine how much damage was incurred. If they are called, they should fill out a report no matter what they feel the amount of damage is. Too often you hear situations where in small claims court or other similar scenarios - "Is there a police report?" - "No your honor, because there wasn't $500 worth of damage, per the cop". Turns out underneath all the structural damage that the cop couldn't see.

                          If a cop is already dispatched to the scene, really, why can't they then simply fill out a report? At the very least it eliminates the "he said/she said" later on. No - the cop said you hit me, and you signed it acknowledging that fact.


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                            Above $2000 of damage you are legal obligated to report the incident to the Coast Guard.
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                              No need for police report for that incident....if there's more damage the existence of a police report doesn't change document what happened, get all info, take pics of apparent damage to both vessels and move adjuster and mechanic will sort out damages later...remember most phones have a record feature...easy to audio record your convo and take video of damages to boot along with capturing hm in video too....much more documentation than police filling in blanks based on what you tell them.