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Considering purchasing a 2858 (288), comments welcome-gctid345722

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  • Considering purchasing a 2858 (288), comments welcome-gctid345722

    What is the preferred power plant?

    Will the 7.4L burn considerably more fuel than the 350 MPI.

    The HP rating on the 350 is 300 whereas the 7.4 only has 20 more HP, is it worth it?

    Owners, how would you rate your overall satisfaction with the boat?



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    Hi Wally: your post is a couple months old but I thought I'd reply. I've owned a 2002 2858 (essentially the same boat as the subsequent 288) with the 350 Mag and Bravo III outdrive, for the last two years. My sense is that the 350 is quite sufficient for the boat. I often get up on plane with minimal or no trim tab, and I ocean cruise at about 28 mph GPS, with a top speed of about 32 mph at 4200 RPM. I usually travel with half to full tanks at those ratings. I have to believe I'm burning less fuel to do this, than a 7.4L. Here's a performance graph for the 350

    The bigger issue for me is how well the boat is maintained: regular tune-ups and a clean hull and leg, seem to make a lot of difference to the performance of this boat. I feel that my annual engine and leg overhaul, as well as a scrubbed hull and leg, give me a significant performance edge over a lesser maintained 7.4 that consumes more fuel.

    I have a website where I keep all my maintenance details. Personal message me if you want the link.




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      I saw these two threads as I'm learning this site. I just purchased a 289 (2008) with a Merc 350 and during the water trial it had some cobwebs to blow out before it planed between 4500 and 5000. Obviously needs a tune-up at the least. I've yet to get out on the water (delivered straight to boatyard for tuneup, zincs, etc.) but that question of sufficient hp did popup in my mind. I'm pretty excited at the prospect of getting out into the Puget Sound with this boat. This is our first boat and I want it to be a good experience for all of our family. Did you go with the 350 or 7.4?


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        As a '07 288 Discovery owner with a 350 Mag MPI 300 hp engine, I have found the engine to have adequate power with full tanks and cruising equipment. I installed a Lewmar bow thruster which greatly improved docking in cross-wind and cross-current conditions. It's for sale now only because we became full-time Floridians and are keeping our larger boat that we had in Maryland.