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3.0l mercruiser won(39)t start-gctid385881

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    3.0l mercruiser won(39)t start-gctid385881


    My problem is my boat won't start.

    I just rebuilt the carb, installed new plugs distributor cap, and the 90 amp starter fuse now it will turn over and when it seems to fire suddenly sounds like it sucks in air then stops cranking.

    I have seen 2 different firing and distributor order,. i get the same result on both setups. I'm so frustrated i can't think, so i come to you the trusty Bayliner/mercruiser experts.

    Any suggestions?

    Fuel, air, spark, compression. What are you missing ?

    Take a spare plug hold it to the block crank the engine and tell me if you have spark !
    Be good, be happy, for tomorrow is promised to no man !

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      Spark is good. fuel in the bowl.


        sounds like your firing order is off changing the timing,you can always tell if thats the problem by taking the coil wire out of the cap, thats the center hole wire and putting it on the engine so its grounded, then crank the engine and it cranks ok,where before it cranked slow,backfired,or seems to lock up while cranking. first take the distributer cap off and have some one click over the engine while you watch which direction the rotor turns, Second put the cap back on , Now there are only 4 different ways the wires can be put on, your firing order is 1-3-4-2 so put 1 some where and put 3 in the next hole going the same direction the rotor was going and then 4 then 2, if that doesn't work move all the wires over one position going the same way the rotor turns same thing if that doesn't work till number 1 wire has hit all the holes,, BTW make sure your spark arrester is on because you could get a backfire. After you got it and it starts of course with muffs on just put some whiteout on the cap where number 1 cylinder is so it doesn't happen again


          Unfortunately i have already taken it into the local marina. That was actually my first thought was the plug order. the order was fine and i had them marked but my manual had something different so i used that, didn;t work. then read a different on online, didn't work. i should have just kept going but i was just frustrated at this point. hopefully that is the only problem and they won't charge me up the wazoo. thanks for the help, i'll keep you posted.


            Must be my lucky day. Marina was to busy to get to my boat so i went and picked it up, rotated the distributor cap order and it fired right up. better then it's ever been. Thanks again for the help.