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can i keep my old zodiac for a tender?-gctid345637

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  • can i keep my old zodiac for a tender?-gctid345637

    my old bay has 8 ft beam . i had my little 10 ft 6 zodiac for years ,awesome trout fishin machine can i use for a tender ? i want to know the best way to carry... jerry up in canada..


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    Since the dinghy's length is greater than the beam of your boat, I suspect your looking for ways to mount the dinghy longitudinally. There aren't very many options that I'm aware of. One way, used on some sailbloats, is called Dinghy Tow. It does work on the ragbaggers, but I don't think it will work on a powerboat with an outdrive.

    Your best, and maybe only, option might be to tow it with a bridle and long tow line.


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      Old boat.... as in old/previous boat.... or old as in "older" current boat????

      My son used a 10 foot Zodiac for several years on his 8.5 ' beam boat before landing a deal on an 8 foot Zodiac.

      It worked.... hung over a tad bit, but worked OK.

      This was on Weaver Davits that were eventually made to fit the replacement 8 footer.

      Weaver Snap Davits are pretty hard to beat if your swim platform is stout enough for tender support.

      You will feel the cantilevered weight on the stern......... but as you tilt the tender forward, the cantilever affect is reduced some.... not a bunch, but some.

      I also have the 10 foot Zodiac, and I'd hate to give it up for an 8 footer.

      So I hear ya!

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        Most on our lake just tow their tendar around. I have a 14' fishing boat as a tender with 25H merc so it's not getting lifted on the platform


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          my vintage boat...

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            1977 25' classic?

            We deflate it and carrry in the 2452. I have a motor mount on the swim platform which the 8HP outboard rides on, and can be a second means of propulsion, if necessary.

            We inflate in on scene when we boat camp. So far, in 14 years this works for us.
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              Off set it so the side you usually dock is clear. The taper of the bow will assist keeping waves from hitting it but mount it high also.

              If you have to dock on the wrong side, drop it and tow along side the free side.

              We did this for years with no problem.

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