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trailer value? I dont believe the nada-gctid385293

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    trailer value? I dont believe the nada-gctid385293

    I have an 01 Loadrite 28' tandem Trailer with 8000gvw, Rollers, Surge drum brakes, tail and all marker lights. Its galvanized. Can someone tell me how much I can REASONABLY ask for this trailer? It does need brake work but its in good shape.

    I want to sell it but dont know what to ask in the economy.


      NADA stands for "We don't Know NADA about boat, outboards and trailers"

      NADA will tell you yourtwin axle trailer is worth 700.00. one thing you can do is call a local Loadrite dealer or trailer supply house and they should be able to give you a fair idea. Most boat dealers can give you an idea also ( my local Suzuki dealer told me what they would have the DF 140 I had for sale on thier floor if they were selling it used (off the record though)
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        Trailers of any size are always in demand. Get in touch with some brokers. You might find them trying to close a deal on a boat without a trailer. It can make the difference in a sale sometimes.
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          You want a guess? OK, it is over 10 years old. Needs brake work, whatever that means...I am guessing 10 year old tires....some light rust.

          I am guessing $600-800. Advertise it on Craigslist; it is free to advertise, with 5 photos.

          I sold my trailer within 24 hours that way. Good luck.


            Holy cow. Times like this I wouldn't mind having access to eastern markets. That trailer out here, even if the 'needs brake work' meant they weren't working at all would fetch $1800-$2000.



              I usually see used tandem axle trailers going for $1500.00-$1800.00 that need minor work.


                I realize that you probably won't see too many identical trailers on ebay, but I always use ebay "completed listings" as a good rule of thumb for values. Look for listings that actually sold and even some high bids that didn't sell. Don't pay that much attention to what people are "asking", we all think our stuff is worth $1m, but the reality is the true value is what someone is willing to give you for it and in some cases what you are truely willing to accept for it.

                Good luck.



                  If the brakes were done, that would be a $2-4k trailer around here depending on condition.

                  28', but only about 6K-6.5k boat carrying capacity (Assuming the trailer weighs in at about 1.5klbs)...seems too light for a lot of 28' boats. It's be really nice for a 24-26 though, depending on the style of boat.

                  I like overkill on my trailers!!!