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Towing a 2452

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    Towing a 2452

    Hi Foks, new to the forum and interested in purchasing a Bayliner 2452.

    My question is related to towing the vessel. I currently own a smaller 19' T-craft, and tow it with a Dodge Ram 1500 (HEMI) 2wd.

    I live in FL so it's flat, no hills, etc. I'm wondering if my truck will suffice in towing the 2452? Ultimately I'll put the boat in a high and dry, but will have to tow it after purchase and until i get storage setup.


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    Welcome aboard!!!

    Check your tow specs on your truck... is it factory and is it good to go with 10K towing? After market may not be sufficient but if those specs are also 10K then you should be good to go...

    It would help to have electric over hydraulic brakes on that trailer as well. I'd be afraid of surge brakes with that rig...
    Doug ;}
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      Your HEMI will do fine
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        You will not have a problem. That is what I have and it has been all along the Gulf Coast and central Florida.


          My 2452 with an aluminum trailer weighs out at about 8K fully loaded. I tow (in Florida) with a Ford Expedition, 4X4 with teh factory H/D tow package. Does fine. In fact, it tows so smooth I can forget that I have a boat beck there.

          Its all in how the trailer is set up and maintained.

          Your hemi-Ram will do fine.
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            Before towing, check your trailer capacity. Quite a lot of 2452s (mine included) were sold on trailers with max capacity of 5500#, which is not sufficient for fully loaded boat with gear, gas, water, etc.
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              Thanks guys! My truck does have the tow package from factory with the transmission cooler etc.

              Glad to hear it'll do fine. I'm really liking the photos & video of this boat so hope to find one soon.


                Hey nicksterFL . . . welcome to the puddle!! . . . . yeah, I tow my 2452 with a F-150 with a trailering package (not HD) but it still has all the goodies to do it properly . . . . I sometimes tow long distances (Ft. Myers and back . . . long story) and it tows just fine with an Equalizer hitch with a pole adapter on it . . . . hitch is made so the surge brakes work just fine . . . .. and they do . . . .
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                  No problem

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                    Hey Nick,

                    Congrats on new boat. ..if you bought it.

                    The folks here think you have enough towing power to do the job.

                    Want to express concern about your "2wd" vehicle. Where I boat, many ramps are fairly steep and wet....which means slippery. I tow with a 1/2 ton pick up and frequently have to use 4 wheel drive to get my fat boat up a wet ramp.

                    Don't know if this is an issue for fyi.

                    Enjoy your boat...and welcome.

                    Be safe


                      I found a fabulous towing capacity app for your truck (not trailer). and here it is . .
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                        Hello Blackeyes, Seeing your 2452 on your trailer just makes me want the next boating season to get here.

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                          we recently bought a GMC towing truck which we are using for 24/7 towing service nyc, very impressive and powerful towing truck so far the experience is great with GMC.


                            I towed a 2452 with a GMC 1500 4 x 4 rated for 8500 lbs. until I found a sticker on the factory hitch that showed a rating of 5500 lbs. According to GM the hitches are rated for use with an equalizer which in their opinion effectively doubles the rating???? So I was really overloading my hitch.
                            To make a long story short I changed out to a Curt 12000 lb. hitch.

                            check U tube for GM hitch failures
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                              Originally posted by martinbrown9872 View Post
                              we recently bought a GMC towing truck which we are using for 24/7 towing service nyc, very impressive and powerful towing truck so far the experience is great with GMC.
                              There is a big difference between a tow truck and a 1500 1/2 ton truck!! Brakes, transmission, axles,cooling, etc!
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