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2460(39)s, 2459(39)s 2359(39)s...........looking for info....-gctid383135

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    2460(39)s, 2459(39)s 2359(39)s...........looking for info....-gctid383135

    I am starting to look in earnest for a boat again. I came real close to buying a 27' Uniflite last winter. It turned out to be to much boat, too much of a project, too much to tow. Simply too much.

    I am looking at Bayliners and at the moment have narrowed it down between 2452 Cierras or a Trophy, and am leaning towards the Trophys just because I like the cabin layout, even though I realize we will be giving up some ammenities (head).

    I am having some diffuculty differentiating between the various Trophy models, I know I do not want a walkaround open model and I do not want the short cabin. The AK bulkhead is mandatory. Can some one clue me in to these diffrent models, as it appears they are very similar and the years overlap. At least from what I have been able to learn so far.

    If I am correct the 2460's were made from the mod-80's to 1990. The 2459's seem to be of the same vinatge, and the 2359's from 91 to current.

    What if any are the pro's & con's of these various years?

    Powereplant, 305's & 350's seem most common, I have sen a few 5.8 fords and even a few big blocks, which seem like overkill and some with 4.3's which seem to be potentially undersized with a load.

    Out drives, another huge variance here, OMC cobras seem to be on some late 80's early 90's, quite a few Alphas and even a few Bravos some Volvo units and duo props.

    I know this could get really deep, but if there was one combo that would be the most sought after..........what would it be?

    Thanks, John

    John, they are similar because we're talking about the same boat, depending on what year we're looking at.

    The 24 foot Trophy (that's what we will call it for this post) has been called a number of numbers over the years, but the main point here is it is a 24 foot cuddy cabin boat with a stern drive, and (usually, up till it became a 23 footer) shared it's hull with the 24 foot Ciera cruiser, and for at least 1 year, a 24 foot bowrider (which I owned). The Trophy was offered as an open (skiff) model, a hardtop, and the hardtop/Alaska Bulkhead model. The model name might change too depending on year and configuration.

    They all came standard with 5.0s until Mercruiser came on the scene in 1990 (and the it became a 23 Trophy, and they briefly offered it with a 4.3L V6.). The "big engine" was the 5.7, and topped the boat out around 42 - 45 mph.

    Now, stern drive power varies, but as a rule, the Volvos were up until 1986 (with a few rare early 1987s - 1986 boats with 1987 colors and leftover VP power systems). 1987 - 1989s ran OMCs, and 1989s (and possibly late 1988s) ran an optional 5.8L Ford. The hp was still 260hp, same as the 5.7L GM.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have specific questions.
    Matt Train
    BOC Site Team
    Chicagoland, IL


      Matt is the source for all things Bayliner.

      I had a 2002 2359, powered by a 5.0 MPI/260hp mated to a Bravo 3 outdrive. Loved it- it was the perfect combination of speed and economy and fished 4 just fine.


        1989 2160 Owner here. Basically the same as the 2460. Depending on your price point go as new as possible with the 2359 OR find an upgraded 2460/2459.

        What to look for in the older 2459/2460: new fuel tank, new base or replacement engine w/electronic ignition, good stringers/transom, lower shift cable replaced, proof of outdrive maintenance (seals), keep an eye out for cabin leaks the windshield gets drippy as the surrounding gaskets shrink and the anchor pulpit can get rotted underneath the cap. Address the brakes on the trailer or go for a newer trailer.

        If the 2459/2460 boat you purchase does not have these upgrades you should plan on making them in the first several years of ownership as it will become necessary sooner rather than later.

        These are all issues I have addressed or am addressing on my ride. The stock 305 was OK but I have gone up to the 350 as I run heavy. The omc cobra on my boat has been fine so far, with the execption of the lower shift cable (not really the outdrive's issue).

        Great boats to fish and cruise from for the price. I also love the layout. Easy to trailer. Handles rough water well when running, fishes good to about 3 foot Lake Erie chop. Can fish four footers but not fun. They lend themselves to a good trolling set-up and can sleep three in the cuddy (a wee bit cramped but doable). Mine has been wired for four electric riggers and two electric planer board reels with as many rod holders and rocket launchers as I can fit.

        Feel free to pm me if you want more info. I have been rehabilitating my 2160 for four years. Had it just about perfect when the fuel tank started leaking at the beginning of this season.